Tuesday, September 26, 2006

winds of change

I've just spent ages trying to locate a font designer. He was very popular and seems to have disappeared into cyberether. I want to use his font on the new site I am designing, so if anyone knows how to contact Graham Meade of Australia, please let me know at antikva@gmail.com

Antikva Art & Design is changing as well, I have a partner in crime now. Dragonsand is a mate from Uni who loves print design [ Why? I have no idea either! LOL He's demented.] All the legalities have been done, so we are off and running... err well, he's running, I'm kind of waddling along behind. So, there are going to be changes apart from the move to our own server [ yeah, sorry 'bout that! it was a bit of a cluster]

Dragonsand is an excellent graphic designer/illustrator/artist and friend, so I'm in a happy place with this change. Plus, he's used to random convo's with me LOL and is quite happy to put up with me charging off into the Illumination side at the same time.

Well, I am off to get some work done. Might go play JewelQuest for a while. Yeah. I know *G*

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