Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Blimey. That took a long time! Didya miss me? no? ok. moving on.
Let's see...

I just had my annual full check up, I am as healthy as a horse this time. They took so much blood this time, I think I actually lost weight LOL My PA indicators weren't so crash hot though, which would explain why I walk as if all my clothes have been washed in starch a hundred times. That's cool though as everything else is normal. Hubby will have to go to Plan B to get rid of me now :-)

I wasn't going to go to the Motogp this year with all the drama of the kidlets etc but I am now. Dave is flying down from Sydney, so if you see the 2 nuts doing the F18 flyover wave at the top of the Wayne Gardner straight stand, that's us! heh. Sorry, it's extremely funny to us at least. I'm a bit sad though, my favourite rider Max Biaggi isn't going to be there this year. *sigh*

I have a new online project underway, but it's a secret for a while until I get it done. I do need a couple of female beta testers though, so feel free to put your hand up if you'd like to read and give feedback. Err, you do have to like sports though, in particular motor sports.

The 2 eldest heiresses [heirii???? LOL] both have f/t jobs now, so they are going to be able to flee the nest again shortly. The 3rd heiress in line is doing well at school and the heir is playing runescape or off flying a kite. Really. he is. Mind you it's 3x his size, so he has to have parental supervision so he doesn't take off into the stratosphere.
He's grown an inch in the last couple of months, he is going to be very tall like my brother. I'm still going to be the shortest person in the family. How rude.

Last week was a shocker, I'm still gobsmacked at the deaths of 2 Aussie legends.
RIP Steve Irwin
RIP Peter Brock

Feelin' - creative
Hearin' - Advertising Space - Robbie Williams
Readin' - The inside of my eyelids as much as possible lately.

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Ozfemme said...

I've been reading the same thing!! Glad to hear that your results are good.