Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I'm still around, we have been busy. Eldest daughter has moved home for a while, we're taking her up to see her boys tomorrow for the day. So, anyway, it's been interesting arund here! LOL

I've also worked out what [or, I should say WHO!] has been blowing up my modem, youngest daughter has a positive electrical charge that fries electrical stuff when she builds up enough in her body. HA! So she has to be earthed before she touches anything, especially computers LOL Poor kid!

Apart from that, I've been busy working on some images, can't go to NY like I'd been planning as Eldest will be here until May next year [if all goes well] and then I'll be able to. So, I've decided to run with an exhibition again, so need to get new work done instead. Good thing i'm flexible, although I was a tad stressed the other day. I am not used to someone being around 24/7 and it freaks me out, even though it's one of mine hanging around LOL

She's upset she didn't know Nana had died, so we're going to take her down to Queenscliff/Pt Lonsdale so she can get to say Goodbye. She also has some memory gaps, so sometimes she looks at me as if I'm batshit.

This time it's looking good though,she's looking at jewellery design courses at TAFE. She goes to counselling 3x week, but she's done the hard part herself.
Anyhoo, catchya's all later, I have so much blog reading to do *g*