Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, I hope everyone has a safe and happy night/day.

Don't do anything I wouldn't *g*


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've never seen one of these before...

This is the stove in our house. It's not painted so must have been that way from the Manufacturer. It reminds me of those saucepan sets in the 70's, you know, the lime green and the burnt orange one's. Talk about retro! This may or may not have been the deciding factor for us to buy the house *g*

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a weird thing to happen...

Last night I ate a packet of plain potato chips [ you know those small multipack one's] and ended up in the Emergency Dept until 5'ish am this morning. Allergic reaction, my throat and face started swelling and I couldn't swallow properly. I also had a rash which wasn't all hives but made me look like I was sunburned. But was really bloody itchy!

So, off we trotted and amazingly there was nobody else in the waiting room, so they saw me pretty quickly and gave me some drugs to stop it. Because I have so many drug allergies anyway, they gave it to me by an IV port so they could reverse it if I got worse. I'm a pain for needles anyway, they always have to use butterfly one's. Oh ok, KID size! LOL

The Nurses and Doctors were all fantastic and kept coming to make sure I was okay. Definitely changed since the last Emergency visit I had years ago :-] Altho, that could be because it was a different State and Hospital!

I went to sleep [ phenergan always knocks me out] until they told me I could go home but Poor old hubby had to sit there and read back issues of Woman's Day LOL

So, swelling is mostly gone, I'm still a little itchy but it's bearable.

Potato chips are now banned in our house.

While we were at the hospital the kids rang to tell us that there were 2 huge spiders outside the front door... they were gone by the time we got home :-)[ the spiders, not the kids]

Friday, December 26, 2008

And so this is Christmas...

Well, that's done and dusted for the year! Now we start the birthday loop.

Christmas eve the local CFA came around with sirens and lights handing out bags of lollies for the kids. Was great fun.

D2 got me a ticket to see P!nk in concert in June in a pink card in a pink handbag wrapped in pink paper, along with a P!nk cd. Still picking my jaw up off the floor. I also got a dvd player/boombox cos hubby is sick of me pinching his portable dvd player LOL So son will inherit my cd/dvd stereo, he's happy too LOL

Son got PS Guitar Hero and a fishing rod set as well as a beach towel amongst other loot. I'm sick of hearing Barracuda already! hehehe.

Youngest Daughter got an electric guitar [ she already has an amp] and a handmade [ not by me] spiderweb gothy necklace. D3 & D2 got manicure/pedicure machiney things as well. I also found D2 the perfect gift, a chocolate stiletto shoe in a pink bag ROFL So they were all happy with what they got, so we didn't have to go back to exchange anything. Phew.

Hubby is getting a portable spa but has to pick the one he wants, so he got a gift card for it.

I made WAY too much Potato Salad and Choc Ripple cake, but Oh well. D3 made gingerbread men at 2am Christmas morning and decorated them. She even iced names for each person! LOL

The cellophane on each plate is Reindeer and Snowman poo from Santa [he ran out of coal] bags that I made for everyone :-) So funny seeing their faces! Of course, it was Cadbury's Christmas Balls and Smarties.

So now we have the rest of the school holidays to find stuff to do. Son wants to make cupcakes, go fishing and I've been checking out the fossicking in the State forest info. His mate is coming up for a week as well, so they should be kept entertained.

Then we have the engagement party and the moving into the house and the blogmeet up here as well. It's going to be a great month!

Oh, for the crafty peeps who love op shopping, the local Vinnies here is moving over the road into the old furniture shop, so will have tonnes more stuff. Plus, right next door to the Art shop on High St is an Op Shop but not sure what it's name is yet, will find out next week when I go back in. Think it might be a Brotherhood one. It had a lot of vintage fabrics, wool etc and was really cheap. If you want the exact addy, just give me a yell.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

MIL update

MIL's retina has not detached yet. It's something to do with the jelly [?????] in her eye. She has to take it easy *snort* and if it gets worse she has to go straight back up to the hospital.

Anyone wanna take bets it gets worse during Christmas lunch? [no, I'm not having a go at her, it's just knowing our family crap happens just at the wrong time LOL]

Well, our christmas is about to start, so I hope everyone has a lovely day and eats, drinks and be merry. See you on the other side :-)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Due to family commitments on Christmas Day and travel time, we have our Christmas at home with the kids on Christmas Eve. Soooo... I hope you have a wonderful happy day filled with laughter and memories to hold.
Love from me :-)

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Random Ramblings

I'm feeling very random today. Don't know why, probably just tired.
Wrapped everything to within an inch of it's life, all of a sudden the 13 yr old has decided to be inquisitive [ gah, I hope that's bloody spelt right.] and I even told the 19 yr old not to shake or feel up the presents [ Hi chicklet, I know you're reading cos I am not up that late at night :-) ]

Tonight I'm making the first log for our Christmas tomorrow if it happens, if not I have a lot of choc ripple biscuits in the pantry. Oh well.

MIL has just gone to the hospital as her retina is detaching. Don't know how bad yet, we are waiting to find out. So, we may be down in Melbourne tomorrow as well. Waiting to find out tonight what is happening.

Still working on stuff, got some more barbies and am pondering their fate.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

playing with barbies

altered art dolls in progress. While they are drying I've made a face mould and glued it to a canvas, not sure why yet, but it'll come to me :-)

vanilla soap

making vanilla soap [rebatching] yes, that's a wooden ruler. I couldn't find my wooden spoon.

lazing about

I fell arse over teakettle in the street yesterday after coming out of the Art shop. The strap broke on my shoe and I ended up with a twisted knee [yes, of course, the bloody bad one!] and a sprained ankle and landed on the bones I'd broken in my foot years ago.

Guess what I'd just bought? LOL plaster cloth! Hubby said I was being prepared. groan.

So, came home with packets of frozen peas hanging off me like I was an installation piece. LOL
While lying abed diligently following the RICE procedure I tried to watch Dark Knight but kept falling asleep because of the painkillers. So now I've put my sleep pattern even more out of whack and STILL haven't seen the whole movie. I feel hungover today and I didn't even have the fun of getting that way as I couldn't go to the Christmas party *pout*

I disassembled Barbie dolls instead and cut their hair off. heeeheee. Then I wrapped them with the plaster cloth to use as a base to make them into art dolls. I did take pics but the camera batteries are flat, so will out them up later. As soon as they're dry I'll sand and gesso them.

I made some vanilla rebatched soap the other day, so just have to cut it up and put into organza bags with some pretty bows and voila a couple of Chrissie presents are finished. Everything else I'm putting in the mail tomorrow. And then I am done except for the cooking part.

I have to make 2 lots of my potato salad and 4 chocolate ripple logs on Tuesday, so will try Copperwitch's freezing idea for the logs, that way they won't go all ick on the way to the Outlaws on Thursday. Probably have to go buy more flakes to crumble on top by then though *g*

Christmas eve the future bride'n'groom arrive, so after the local Firies do their Merry Christmas lolly run we'll have dinner then presents.

Oh, I changed my mind about etsy atm and am running with a shop at

Hope you're having agoodweegend!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

mmmmm, what are you cooking?

says hubby and son. It smells yummy.
Pudding guessed the son.
Cake guessed the husband.

Daughter had a giggle which made the camera a shake as she was taking process pics.

says I. Neither. Vanilla Soap.

Oh. says both. ROFLMAO

I am SO mean!

In other news someone who saw stuff I've made has encouraged me to sell them. and given me a price range. So, I be opening my own Etsy store *g* with a range of necklaces and bracelets. Plus, I'll be putting original art and prints up there as well as at Art Wanted.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

and she's off like the energiser bunny....

We bought a house today :-) I'm still freaking out that OMG!!!! We bought a house. We have to stay here now LOL

Boing, Boing, Boing.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am having such a spectacularly crappy day that even my Pollyanna tendencies have run away and hidden from the cranky headspinning witch side of me.

Tomorrow is another day as they say, so perhaps I will be back with some happy news and some art stuff.

"I am the last dragon!" - Draco [Dragonheart]

I was going to tell you all what the kidlets are getting for Christmas, but the youngest daughter has been reading my blog. So, I won't now. hehehehehehe

Although, perhaps I should put my list up? :-) A new book is out by one of my favourite authors.... hint hint.

What I can tell you is the future SIL was nicknamed Mario by youngest, so I've found a vintage tie with Mario on it, so that's what he's getting :-) Brand new & wasn't exxxy either, so that's always a good thing. I might make him a matching pair of cufflinks in polymer clay. All the nieces are getting a necklace and so are my sister and Mum.

Headache has been lurking all day and I had to drive the brontosaurus today as my car's harmonic balancer [ heh. maybe that's what I need fixed too] is still being fixed. I have to take a break from the necklace making and so I am going to work on paintings for a couple of days.

I'm off to bed as I've taken a painkiller and I keep making data mistakes. 'Nite Owls

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Dance!

I knew yesterday was not going to be a good day when I woke up at 5am with a beginning migraine. It got worse when the harmonic balancer in my car decided to croak it. Good thing I married a mechanic :-)anyway the day just went south even more, so I went to bed early with painkillers and snored the night away.

This morning hubby checked the PO box and look what Anne sent me :-) [insert happy dancing here]

So pretty! and perfect [ Wonder how she knew about my addiction to diaries? hmmm...] Check out the card on the right, it's an illuminated manuscript :-) and she wrapped it beautifully as well, with a vintage Santa image as well! Thank you so much Anne, so lovely and it's really appreciated *biggrin*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last day of school....

We had a huge fire here today, the beautiful old church on High St burnt down :-( so of course, D3 wanted photo's. I think I'm still trying to get the smoke out of my lungs.

I finished the necklace for the little gothy one. I think she'll like it, it's too dark to take a pic cos OI forgot earlier, so will whack one up tomorrow.

I made some cold porcelain clay today and used some moulds to make faces, then decided to test the hands/feet moulds. I'm making some art dolls for the girls for Christmas, so just need to wait til tomorrow for them to dry, then paint and glue them on.

creepy looking things....

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Hey big spender.....

I've been spending my share of the money the Govt handed out today. Haven't got it, but I'm still spending it LOL

Apart from the boring bills, I bought some items from my favourite jewellery supply place, got my mitts on some cool fabric pieces to make some art dolls with and bought some beads and spacers as well. Oh, and I also bought some Art supplies from my favourite Art shop in Melbourne. Never left the laptop either!

As I was so tired after all that contributing to the Big Spend of 2008, I hoofed it down to the bakery and had coffee and a vanilla slice. Yum.

Daughter2 is getting married :-) so she rang me and spent an hour on the phone telling me about the dress she's picked and having an engagement party in january. Plus, the church and how to have a reception for 80 on a shoestring, plus we're not really into big flashy things that cost a house and your firstborn.

I suggested champagne and chicken brunch, which is what we had. She works at Safeway, so she shouldn't have any drama's getting chooks and champers on special, plus she'd get staff discount. And, apparently I have to make my potato salad for them all. Uhoh.

Then it was back to my mad photoshopping skillz to make some artwork look like artwork instead of a flat biscuit. You'd think someone who'd done photography 4 times would be able to take a photo, but no. D3 did not get her talent for photography from her mother :-)

In amongst all that, we got news that our granddaughter is now living with her Dad and brothers fulltime. Eldest will still have access the same as with the boys. I'm sad but relieved. I'd hoped she'd get her act back together.

Anyway, am exhausted, so I'm off to sleep.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008


This is part of what I have been up to. I've finished designing and printing Swing tags and Business cards as well, the new website will go live this week once I've finished it completely. I also have some other things I've been playing around with, so will whack the pics up sometime tomorrow.

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Friday, December 05, 2008


I didn't think anyone visited this blog apart from one or two gluttons for punishment.
I just signed up to blogfrog and blimey! a lot of you do... better lift my game and get some real stuff happening here. but, thanks :-) to all of you who do read, I'm very grateful.

Oh and yes, I have been blogging for 5 years. Scary. Lots of drafts hidden away though!

Anyone want to help me clean black printer ink off my desk, hands and face? A brand new official brand replacement cartridge exploded all over me today when I was printing off some business cards and swing tags. GAH!

Back later.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Sorry, been very very busy!

and today I have spent sorting out the bulk freshwater beads I ordered and they mixed all the colours together *sigh*

And now I am longing for chocolate ripple log cake. with flake sprinkled on top.