Sunday, December 21, 2008

lazing about

I fell arse over teakettle in the street yesterday after coming out of the Art shop. The strap broke on my shoe and I ended up with a twisted knee [yes, of course, the bloody bad one!] and a sprained ankle and landed on the bones I'd broken in my foot years ago.

Guess what I'd just bought? LOL plaster cloth! Hubby said I was being prepared. groan.

So, came home with packets of frozen peas hanging off me like I was an installation piece. LOL
While lying abed diligently following the RICE procedure I tried to watch Dark Knight but kept falling asleep because of the painkillers. So now I've put my sleep pattern even more out of whack and STILL haven't seen the whole movie. I feel hungover today and I didn't even have the fun of getting that way as I couldn't go to the Christmas party *pout*

I disassembled Barbie dolls instead and cut their hair off. heeeheee. Then I wrapped them with the plaster cloth to use as a base to make them into art dolls. I did take pics but the camera batteries are flat, so will out them up later. As soon as they're dry I'll sand and gesso them.

I made some vanilla rebatched soap the other day, so just have to cut it up and put into organza bags with some pretty bows and voila a couple of Chrissie presents are finished. Everything else I'm putting in the mail tomorrow. And then I am done except for the cooking part.

I have to make 2 lots of my potato salad and 4 chocolate ripple logs on Tuesday, so will try Copperwitch's freezing idea for the logs, that way they won't go all ick on the way to the Outlaws on Thursday. Probably have to go buy more flakes to crumble on top by then though *g*

Christmas eve the future bride'n'groom arrive, so after the local Firies do their Merry Christmas lolly run we'll have dinner then presents.

Oh, I changed my mind about etsy atm and am running with a shop at

Hope you're having agoodweegend!

2 Even Wiser people reply:

JahTeh said...

I feel your pain.

The chocolate ripple cake un-froze beautifully and tasted great but to freeze again I'd put a little more booze on the bikkies.

I was saving mine to share with Annie O but I had a very bad week and needed a tranquilizer.

antikva said...

I missed this comment...

Ahhhhhhh. Unfortunately the booze bit has to be forgone for the Outlaws place but maybe chocolate sauce might work? Will do a taste test this arvo :-)

Pity really as I'll probably need a tranquilizer by Boxing Day LOL