Friday, December 26, 2008

And so this is Christmas...

Well, that's done and dusted for the year! Now we start the birthday loop.

Christmas eve the local CFA came around with sirens and lights handing out bags of lollies for the kids. Was great fun.

D2 got me a ticket to see P!nk in concert in June in a pink card in a pink handbag wrapped in pink paper, along with a P!nk cd. Still picking my jaw up off the floor. I also got a dvd player/boombox cos hubby is sick of me pinching his portable dvd player LOL So son will inherit my cd/dvd stereo, he's happy too LOL

Son got PS Guitar Hero and a fishing rod set as well as a beach towel amongst other loot. I'm sick of hearing Barracuda already! hehehe.

Youngest Daughter got an electric guitar [ she already has an amp] and a handmade [ not by me] spiderweb gothy necklace. D3 & D2 got manicure/pedicure machiney things as well. I also found D2 the perfect gift, a chocolate stiletto shoe in a pink bag ROFL So they were all happy with what they got, so we didn't have to go back to exchange anything. Phew.

Hubby is getting a portable spa but has to pick the one he wants, so he got a gift card for it.

I made WAY too much Potato Salad and Choc Ripple cake, but Oh well. D3 made gingerbread men at 2am Christmas morning and decorated them. She even iced names for each person! LOL

The cellophane on each plate is Reindeer and Snowman poo from Santa [he ran out of coal] bags that I made for everyone :-) So funny seeing their faces! Of course, it was Cadbury's Christmas Balls and Smarties.

So now we have the rest of the school holidays to find stuff to do. Son wants to make cupcakes, go fishing and I've been checking out the fossicking in the State forest info. His mate is coming up for a week as well, so they should be kept entertained.

Then we have the engagement party and the moving into the house and the blogmeet up here as well. It's going to be a great month!

Oh, for the crafty peeps who love op shopping, the local Vinnies here is moving over the road into the old furniture shop, so will have tonnes more stuff. Plus, right next door to the Art shop on High St is an Op Shop but not sure what it's name is yet, will find out next week when I go back in. Think it might be a Brotherhood one. It had a lot of vintage fabrics, wool etc and was really cheap. If you want the exact addy, just give me a yell.

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2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

awww - that is all so gorgeous, you happy bunnies.

Re fossicking: the best time is after heavy rain as it reveals the alluvial/surface stuff.
One does have to get there early though, or see all the little holes the metal-detector people leave.
Happy Trails!

antikva said...

I'm still gobsmacked she got tickets! LOL

I'll have to remember that tip thanks Anne :-) We don't have a detector, I was thinking we'd do it the way my ancestors did...
with a sieve LOL