Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"I am the last dragon!" - Draco [Dragonheart]

I was going to tell you all what the kidlets are getting for Christmas, but the youngest daughter has been reading my blog. So, I won't now. hehehehehehe

Although, perhaps I should put my list up? :-) A new book is out by one of my favourite authors.... hint hint.

What I can tell you is the future SIL was nicknamed Mario by youngest, so I've found a vintage tie with Mario on it, so that's what he's getting :-) Brand new & wasn't exxxy either, so that's always a good thing. I might make him a matching pair of cufflinks in polymer clay. All the nieces are getting a necklace and so are my sister and Mum.

Headache has been lurking all day and I had to drive the brontosaurus today as my car's harmonic balancer [ heh. maybe that's what I need fixed too] is still being fixed. I have to take a break from the necklace making and so I am going to work on paintings for a couple of days.

I'm off to bed as I've taken a painkiller and I keep making data mistakes. 'Nite Owls

2 Even Wiser people reply:

JahTeh said...

Coincidence, I've just bought that DVD of 'Dragonheart'. I love Sean Connery's voice of the dragon. I'm stockpiling for the silly season.

antikva said...

I love, love, love Sean Connery :-) Draco is such a cool dragon too.

I got my mitts on Santa Clause 1-3 and plan to drive the kids nuts on Christmas eve watching all of them.