Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last day of school....

We had a huge fire here today, the beautiful old church on High St burnt down :-( so of course, D3 wanted photo's. I think I'm still trying to get the smoke out of my lungs.

I finished the necklace for the little gothy one. I think she'll like it, it's too dark to take a pic cos OI forgot earlier, so will whack one up tomorrow.

I made some cold porcelain clay today and used some moulds to make faces, then decided to test the hands/feet moulds. I'm making some art dolls for the girls for Christmas, so just need to wait til tomorrow for them to dry, then paint and glue them on.

creepy looking things....

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2 Even Wiser people reply:

JahTeh said...

Not to us viewers who love to watch 'Bones' on the teev.

By the way, I've remembered your plea for microwave plates but haven't found one yet.

antikva said...

LOL I used to love that show but since I read one of her books I'm doing the girly eeeeewwww thing! TMI it was!

I like Rush on Ten atm, although most of them were on Underbelly so it messes with my brain :-)I keep thinking why is MM a cop? LOL

Thank you :-) they're like hen's teeth!