Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a weird thing to happen...

Last night I ate a packet of plain potato chips [ you know those small multipack one's] and ended up in the Emergency Dept until 5'ish am this morning. Allergic reaction, my throat and face started swelling and I couldn't swallow properly. I also had a rash which wasn't all hives but made me look like I was sunburned. But was really bloody itchy!

So, off we trotted and amazingly there was nobody else in the waiting room, so they saw me pretty quickly and gave me some drugs to stop it. Because I have so many drug allergies anyway, they gave it to me by an IV port so they could reverse it if I got worse. I'm a pain for needles anyway, they always have to use butterfly one's. Oh ok, KID size! LOL

The Nurses and Doctors were all fantastic and kept coming to make sure I was okay. Definitely changed since the last Emergency visit I had years ago :-] Altho, that could be because it was a different State and Hospital!

I went to sleep [ phenergan always knocks me out] until they told me I could go home but Poor old hubby had to sit there and read back issues of Woman's Day LOL

So, swelling is mostly gone, I'm still a little itchy but it's bearable.

Potato chips are now banned in our house.

While we were at the hospital the kids rang to tell us that there were 2 huge spiders outside the front door... they were gone by the time we got home :-)[ the spiders, not the kids]

1 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

oh dear Tikky that's terrible.
I'm so glad you came good.
anaphylactic can cause death.

Have you studied the ingredients listed on the bag?
You have to figure out what caused it so you can always avoid the thing - obviously it wasn't Salt or Potato.

I think that's all the excitement we need for this year.