Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've never seen one of these before...

This is the stove in our house. It's not painted so must have been that way from the Manufacturer. It reminds me of those saucepan sets in the 70's, you know, the lime green and the burnt orange one's. Talk about retro! This may or may not have been the deciding factor for us to buy the house *g*

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7 Even Wiser people reply:

Anonymous said...

Retro is the combustion stove my mother used to cook with.

Ann ODyne said...

oh you lucky thing - that is SO Good.
I would give you all my orange Le Creusets to go with it if my bloody daughter hadn't ruined them all.

A color stove is a wonderful thing.

antikva said...

Ooooooh, Mr DB, The first flat I was in was an old Qld'er and it had an original ridgey didge kookaburra stove LOL

MsBrownie, I would KILL for a set! I love those but they were too exy for me. I have a huge cast iron pot and a small skillet, but that is it. I love cast iron/enamel stuff.

It is indeed wonderful. I am most impressed with it actually ;-) my sister thinks I'm nuts LOL

JahTeh said...

You could buy a matching fridge to go with that or the set came in Mission Brown. One of my neighbours (now upwardly mobile) had a passion for Mission Brown even managing to find a toilet bowl in it. Truly revolting.

Kirsty said...

I love your stove!

antikva said...

LOL Jahteh, I'm not really a mission brown kind of gal ;-) and I am extremely sick of cream and brown. Those tiles are going to have to go too!

Kirsty :-) me too. The RE salesman said, You could replace that stove easily, I said, Noooooooo! I love it! He thinks I'm nuts :-)

It's amazing how so many people think white is a colour statement.

antikva said...

JT..and no, a mission brown toilet bowl wouldn't be a colour statement either. Truly revolting is an understatement.

They sound a lot like web design clients I've had... hey, maybe that's how I should have weeded out the pita's LOL