Monday, December 08, 2008

Hey big spender.....

I've been spending my share of the money the Govt handed out today. Haven't got it, but I'm still spending it LOL

Apart from the boring bills, I bought some items from my favourite jewellery supply place, got my mitts on some cool fabric pieces to make some art dolls with and bought some beads and spacers as well. Oh, and I also bought some Art supplies from my favourite Art shop in Melbourne. Never left the laptop either!

As I was so tired after all that contributing to the Big Spend of 2008, I hoofed it down to the bakery and had coffee and a vanilla slice. Yum.

Daughter2 is getting married :-) so she rang me and spent an hour on the phone telling me about the dress she's picked and having an engagement party in january. Plus, the church and how to have a reception for 80 on a shoestring, plus we're not really into big flashy things that cost a house and your firstborn.

I suggested champagne and chicken brunch, which is what we had. She works at Safeway, so she shouldn't have any drama's getting chooks and champers on special, plus she'd get staff discount. And, apparently I have to make my potato salad for them all. Uhoh.

Then it was back to my mad photoshopping skillz to make some artwork look like artwork instead of a flat biscuit. You'd think someone who'd done photography 4 times would be able to take a photo, but no. D3 did not get her talent for photography from her mother :-)

In amongst all that, we got news that our granddaughter is now living with her Dad and brothers fulltime. Eldest will still have access the same as with the boys. I'm sad but relieved. I'd hoped she'd get her act back together.

Anyway, am exhausted, so I'm off to sleep.

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4 Even Wiser people reply:

JahTeh said...

Beads were a long way down on my spending list but I had to be practical. That officially makes me old and sensible.

antikva said...

Mine are a tax deuction *g* or so I tell hubby.
Seriously though, I am thinking of making a few necklaces and bracelets to sell and see how they go.

I like the assumptions [ wheeeee, we're all gonna go on a gambling and alcohol binge] emanating from the disaprovers about what we should spend/horde the money on *snort*
Right. It just means that for most it will give them a Christmas free from debt collectors.

BwcaBrownie said...

To make my no-fixed-address status easier to cope with, I bought
a mobile phone $80,
a mini laptop from Officeworks $550a nextG internet stick to put in it, and ... a Nikon digital camera yesterday, and when I decipher/translate the Destruction Manual, my first photos will be to put beautiful necklaces on the blogs ... should I write KRudd a thank you for the bonus ?

antikva said...

heehee WTG! Excellent spend :-)

Well, if you'd said that earlier I could have hand delivered it for you. He was here ribbon cutting and lamington eating the other day. I would have gone too but I was a little busy. hehe.