Wednesday, September 29, 2010

thud...I am exhausted!

Woohoo! Max is the 2010 SBK World Champion!

Got a new camera: Canon PowerShot A490 Digital Camera, so I don't have to fiddle around with the digital SLR and send the other 2 nuts :D This way I can take my own pictures and not have to waiiiiiiiit in line for either of them to finish doing what they are doing.  I don't need a high end one as most of my pictures are destined for web only but my phone is not quite good enough ;)

Nearly finished all the wedding stuff now, just have to print the Order of Service out and then teach a kidlet how to use my video gear & work out the angles they'll need to stand at to get a good vid of the service, that will be fun LOL 

Have gotten a bit further with the Fallen Angels series, so will take pics tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Am also busy working on some prints just in case I get into the market. Made some more buttons :D and registered for the Adobe Digital Publishing workshop in Melb on the 21st, so I am going to feel like a yoyo!

Mum & Dad are in Geelong until the wedding now. Dad has something on his arm that the Dr wants to biopsy on Friday. The outlaws are busy with medical problems as well, MIL has to have surgery on her throat :( 

I'm revamping my website as well, you know, just in case I had nothing to do :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sorry, meant to drop a post or 2 before this but, hmmm, oops! soz!  FB & Twitter make you lazy! Here is my latest wip, for a series that is called Fallen Angels. So, been busy doing wedding stuff, painting and making molds for painting bases and oh, I applied for a FT corp job.. not in a bank though. So, we'll see... and I have been playing shuffle with domains & DNS and all that kind of good clean server fun...And it's school holidaze and my parents are here.
Anyway, this is off my phone [ lol, you can see the shadow!], so it's crappy quality & bluetooth decided to crap itself, so had to fiddle and got cranky, so this is until I take another tomorrow in real light etc LOL

Oh, and here is a pic guaranteed to make even the crankiest person smile [ either at how cute he is OR at how deluded I am that everybody loves babies when they're not theirs :P ]

and, I am off to bed, keep your fingers crossed for me :D

Thursday, September 02, 2010


am busy and stuff. back in a day or so.