Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'd take a picture but...

the paint is still wet :D so you'll have to wait till tomorrow! I have been playing with a new technique. Yes, I did clean up the mess!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

and she hit publish...


Various rants have not been published LOL When I am unwell, I am a cranky old bitch and not afraid to let fly BUT then my kind heart kicks my hard ass and tells me not to be so unkind! [ ok,ok, you can all stop laughing now, you'll hurt yourselves!]

Apart from unpublished rants, I have been busy recuperating and trying to catch the sun, which is proving to be an elusive bugger here. Hubby got me the new Pink Australian Funhouse dvd, so I have been watching/listening to that as well as the Bushfire Sound Relief Concert dvd. The cost of both really surprised me, I got Pink for 24.95 on Friday as it was released and 35.00 for Sound Relief. Excellent value for money, pity others don't follow that idea as I'd buy more music then.

One of the rants I didn't publish was about the Record Industry, I'm sorry but I am getting a little tired of them bleating about cd sales dropping, which MUST mean people are illegally downloading. What a load of Bullshit! They never mention that LEGAL download sales are up [iTunes, Bigpond etc] Do dvd sales count as cd's? If not, then there's another of your totally legitimate reason for cd drops. People are paying for downloads and live music dvd's rather than just a music cd. I'm not saying that illegal downloading doesn't happen, but technology has moved on, it's like saying record sales dropped when cd's came out.

The best way is to buy direct from the artist though and if I can, I do that.

I'm an artist, so yes, I completely understand but I think the record companies need to move with technology faster and aggregate ALL sales not just individually.

and now, I need a good cup of tea, a bex and a lie down!

OH,and the hoon got caught unlicensed, unregistered, leaving the scene of an accident and another charge. twit.

Bloody seagulls at Phillip Island interrupting the bike racing, you'd think they'd hear the bikes and fly the other way, but no. Wonder if they think they're food? LOL No, I didn't go to the Island either as I am not really well enough yet to go gallivanting but plan on chuffing down for World Supers next year though.