Monday, July 30, 2007


chocolate scented candles Yum!

I've been reorganising the house, sorting out the crap I really want from the tonnes of stuff we've carted around *just in case* for the last 7 moves. Somehow I don't think I'll be needing the box of staff training sessions I did for the bank. I left in 1999.Hubby has car parts for a car we haven't owned since 1989. Scary, huh? LOL

I don't think he's ever going to be so busy as a mechanic that he needs 8 wrench sets.

We also have kids bikes from when the 25 yr old was 5 and so many stuffed animals it is freaking unbelievable. 4 large boxes. Amazing how I haven't managed to toss them before this. I have a sneaking suspicion the kidlets conned Dad into putting them into his pile so I wouldn't notice.

I found stuff I haven't seen in 15 years. My prized record albums [ ya know, vinyl!] and a crystal radio I got for my 12th birthday. It still works, so do the records.

A Tenderheart carebear that I got given in 1985.

Our first mobile phone from 1995.

An original cabbage patch doll - repaired. She got squished in a Perth motorbike shop when one of the stands gave way and the bikes fell on everyone. Luckily the eldest was holding her doll and she was only cut slightly, the doll had to go to hospital with critical injuries.

An original Teddy Ruxpin with only one eye.

You don't want to know how much computer bits we have. Anyone remember the hand held scanners? Iomega Zip Drive? ROFL weird how it all seems such ancient technology now, yet some of it is not even 10 years old. I also found my original Mac, an Apple IIe.

So, we're going to take it all down to one of the markets and the rest is going to the tip.

This time I'm going to be heartless. *g* No longer will the plaintive cry of but what if we need it! work.


Hearin' : Little Red Corvette : Prince

Readin' : The insides of my eyelids

Saturday, July 28, 2007


so much to tell and yet.. I can't fully yet. Don't want to jinx it all. I'm starting to feel a little  Kylie'ish as I am reworking myself yet again and need a little time to work out the best way of segregating the different work areas before one overwhelms the other. Evolving is good, right?

I also need to learn to be less private and hidden. I'm extremely uncomfortable when I'm noticed and struggle with that side of it. I tend to hide my personality and hide away until everyone moves on. Web design allows me to work anonymously, but the one I love doing the most, Art, doesn't really work well if you're anonymous.

Not. smart.


Art -

Been a bit neglected for the web design side, have to get stuff done though.

I've just signed up to and for exposure and to trade ATC's and sell ACEO's* online. It's easier to sell via a well known site than it is to sell from your own site. I'm not sure Ebay is the way to go, so went with Art based sites instead.

Still working on masks with D3. Hopefully some pics tomorrow night, if they've dried out enough to work with tomorrow. I'm almost finished another piece that can be put online.

I'm going to be doing some original ACEO's tomorrow as well, so will put the link up when they're up.

[* If you want more info on what ATC's and ACEO's are, go here, they explain it much better than me.]

Web Design -

As I mentioned, I have a regular in house web designer gig now as well as existing clients, so not looking for any more work in that area.


R - Adam Thompson is an Aussie, lead singer for Chocolate Starfish, remember Four Letter Word???? LOL  His site is here. Knock yourself out *g* 

Granddaughter loves Nana singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Only Nana and only Twinkle. She's getting teeth already and today that was the only thing that would stop her screaming. No clue why, I sound like a cat in a sack. So, I walked around the house singing madly for over an hour. She does NOT like Rock a bye baby, must be the idea of falling out of the tree. I might have to introduce her to Nana's favourite music. hehehehehe.

Yes, everyone else in the house hid.


Hearin' : Play Me : Adam Thompson

Readin' : The Icebound Land : John Flanagan

Friday, July 27, 2007

Fridays Feast 158

Fridays Feast 158

Describe a toy you remember from your childhood.

A doll high chair. Never really played with it though as I was [am] a tomboy.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how observant are you?

Top10 and it drives everyone around me nuts.

Where would you rather be at this very moment?

At the beach in the tropics. I never thought I'd say this but I miss Townsville. Probably cos it's cold and wet here.

Main Course
When was the last time you learned something new?

Every day. I constantly research for both jobs *g*  I have an insatiable curiosity about lots of things, so go hunting for info.

Fill in the blank: I have kissed but I haven�t told.



Hearin' : Teenagers : My Chemical Romance

Readin' : The Icebound Land : John Flanagan

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who poked the stick?

I woke up grumpy today and never really got out of it. No clue why.

My grumpy mood was not helped by the fact it was Dipshit Day on the roads again. I wish the state govts would get their act together and bring back Give way to the right. Seriously, people drive that way anyway and there'd be less accidents at roundabouts etc. I have even seen numerous Learner drivers do it with real Instructors in the cars and as we all know, as a general rule Learners do not budge unless told to.

Yesterday a garbage truck managed to hit a light pole in the supermarket car park. It's not like they're placed like an obstacle course. Bit like the Boat? What Boat? commercial. Drove past later to see fireys and cops everywhere, so probably kids pinched it and took it to show their mates that hang out down there all night. 

My sister rang and we had a discussion about what our gandchildren will call us when they can talk, she says Nanny sounds younger than Nana. harumph, does not! I said being a grandmother doesn't make me feel old. Being  called a Great Aunt does! LOL

So after I got home from work, picking the kids up and burping the grandbaby I decided to make myself happier by spending some money. As you do. heh.

I bought a cd of Live at the Palace by Adam Thompson. I always thought it was sold out but he has it listed on his site, so I thought I'd grab it while it was around again.

I'm off to draw and paint before my head explodes.


Hearin' - I don't remember - Powderfinger

Readin' - When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit - Judith Kerr

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am so evil!

In the world of child, I am the equivalent of the Evil Witch.

I just scared the crap out of the 12 year old by IM'ing him. ROFLMAO

Now he thinks I really can see everything he's doing!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The good news is....

Daughter 2 does not have a brain tumour or a brain injury.

She does however have primary generalised epilepsy and will have to take medication for the rest of her life. The drug she's on can cause birth defects, so she can only have well planned pregnancies and can't drink alcohol at all. A certain light pulse sets it off, so no disco's for her anymore and she has to watch tv with the light on, she also has to be careful of flashes and flickering lights. But, she's fine, it could have been a lot worse.

I'm teaching Daughter 3 to gild this weekend LOL This shall be interesting! I'm also showing her how to mould a leather mask and some other stuff for her Art assignment. So we're having a Mother Daughter playdate. heh. I'll put some pics up.

I've also got a gilding workshop to organise for. I'm debating whether to cover oil gilding as well or just get them to concentrate on water gilding techniques. They'd probably only ever use gilding on paper, but it's always good to have a starting point for new techniques.

I'm working as an inhouse web designer for a printing business, so although I have been flat chat I don't have anything to put online. Still working towards an exhibition, so have enough to keep me out of trouble for a while.

Aussies had a good weekend in Motor Racing. I nearly fell off the bed when I switched to F1 and Mark Webber was 3rd. His car didn't croak it! Amazing.

Casey Stoner is doing well in Motogp, he doesn't look very fazed by anyone this season and Chris Vermulen is getting up there too.

All in all, it was a good weekend with all my fave sportsmen on top of the heap.

And, on that note, I am going to bed, I am exhausted! Night :-)

Monday, July 23, 2007


Max Biaggi won race 2 at Brno after a 2nd in race 1, which makes him 2nd in the WSBK Championship.

He's only the 2nd rider ever to score more than 10 podiums in 16 races  [ 11, 2 of which are wins] according to

Gotta be happy if you're a Max fan and if not, sux to be you :-) 

Yes,that's a bit childish but oh well.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bliss is...

V8's, F1, WSBK, Motogp and Le Tour de France all on at the same time.

I will admit to a bit of ad fatigue though on SBS of all channels. They really ought to give Sniff'n'Stiff a night off. I can't even begin to articulate how much I hate that freaking ad right now.

So, I'm watching Superpole timing live for WSBK on their site while alternating between the sprints on SBS and F1 qualifying. I am the Queen of Useless Multitasking LOL

The 2 youngest are happy as pigs in mud today, D3 got her copy of Harry Potter and limited edition owl and the boy is on a sleepover birthday party. So nary a whine was heard from either of them today. The baby is settled into a routine now and you wouldn't even really know there's a 9 week old in the house as she rarely cries.

Monday is D- Day for the results of D1's tests. I have everything I can think of crossed that it's good news. 

Hubby got given a weight machine, so more junk to sit in the bloody shed gathering dust. Then again, he may surprise me LOL  Doubtful.

Ok, I am off to snooze as I am off to the  market tomorrow morning to see what I can buy.

Catchyas later!

Friday, July 20, 2007

No one is reading ...

I'm scared to comment anywhere.

Several of my fave bloggers have had to resort to protected/hidden blogs for various reasons and I worry that I may accidentally *out* them.  Plus, I read via feeds so tend to forget to click through, no, not really forget, it's usually for the reasons below. I get frustrated and then forget what I was going to type OR change my mind about posting it in case it sounds stupid/rude etc. While self censorship is not a bad thing that some people should excercise more of while online, it's not always a good thing either.

Isn't it interesting that something that promised so much in terms of freeing our lives up so that we have more free time to socialise in fact ties us up longer in trying to get to the goal of actually doing the socialising. In the time it takes me to read, then navigate to a comment section, then navigate the catchpa and log in repeatedly [ Yes, Blogger, that is YOU I am especially evilly squinting at! Fix the bloody login.] just to add my 10c worth, it takes so bloody long that I've forgotten what my 10c was and/or it's value has gone down.

So many blogs & sites now require you to log in just to comment and really, who can remember all the different usernames/passwords, so you then wonder how the hell you managed to remember stuff before computers and their handy *Remember Me* which doesn't work if you delete your cookies or are on a different page of the site when you try to log in.

So, pretty much I say nothing and let people wonder who the visitor was that reads all the time and says nothing. I am one of the noone's.

Which brings me to this...

I keep seeing that phrase mentioned on blogs I read. The owner laments that *no one* is reading, when what they should be saying is no one is commenting and ask themselves Why?  Obviously if I found them and read it, then someone is reading.

The answer is simple really and has nothing to do with their writing style, personality or if they're one of the popular kids. So many abandon their blogs etc because they think noone cares.

 We're being spammed into oblivion.

I often think the solution to spam is not chasing down the spammers but get the dipshits who respond to them and make it worth their while to keep spamming.

It's gotten to the stage where you never know if someone has actually gotten your email or comments or we don't bother because of the hoops we have to jump through just to communicate. The avalanche of spam that results from putting your email address or blog link for the harvesters to find is the Interwebs birth control.

My personal fave is emails from me to me that I obviously sent while my other personality took over to sell myself some p*nis* extending product or v**gra [ See! can't even type out whole words now or there'll be more spam.] or how to buy pirated software [Interesting that they expect me to pay them for it though]

I know I have some who visit here on a regular basis and have never commented or have and been accidentally consigned to Spam Hell. So, Hi! Thanks for visiting :-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hail Asspants!

I was driving to pick up the youngest daughter from school today and it started hailing. Unfortunately for me, I had the window open. Youngest ended up with hail in her pockets. They'd been let out of school early and she was standing under a tree looking very forlorn.

I also saw this delightful new line in asspants. Cheap at $9-99 I reckon *G*



I have drafts of posts half finished because every time I start writing I get interrupted. Here's the tale so far

- In Victoria if you damage your vehicle while trying to avoid some dickhead on the road who has run a Give Way sign, tough noogies. It is not an accident and they don't have to worry about even stopping or pay for the damage they caused.

No wonder there is an increase in road rage and insurance premiums.

OTOH, if you hit their car, it's their fault and they have to pay.

Guess which one happened to us.


I have been busy watching Le Tour de France, boohoo 3 Aussies out in one stage yesterday. We do have 2 left though, Cadel  Evans and Simon Gerrans as well as the German dude who used to be an Aussie errr, Herman?

Shit. I just lost my net connection, I am starting to think the Universe is trying to tell me something! back shortly.

Ok, so it took me longer than I thought and now I've lost my train of thought. Bugger, I hate when that happens!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Decisions, Decisions...

F1 on Ten or Tour De France on SBS ?

How about both. heh. Ten on TV and SBS on laptop.


Friday, July 06, 2007


SOME say there are no flies on Coles when it comes to supermarkets, but the company's latest catalogue appears to tell a different story. Read More: There's truth in advertising


I haven't had a very good week.

On the up side though, my ebay seller has come through and I haven't lost $165.  YAY! Now to think of a really nice positive. I won't be paying by direct deposit anymore though as I think I held my breath for 2 weeks while waiting and that's VERY uncomfortable *g*

We have less kids here for the weekend. Anyone and I mean ANYONE wakes me up tomorrow morning and they will be really sorry!

'avagoodweegend mateys!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Searching the engines...

Well, still stuck in bed, foot propped up and bored shitless. I hate not being able to get stuff done. I even missed out on minigolf :-(

So, I've watched DVDs, redesigned some client layouts, getting ready to convert one to a cms, making templates for them and faffing around. I've also had time to just surf the net aimlessly. I watched a few vids on youtube etc. I watched my Ayrton Senna dvd and Faster as well, so was thinking. Yep, very dangerous *g*

Recently I've had a few people come through here searching Max Biaggi with some not so nice words following behind. A lot were related to the off at Misano. Not to mention my troll, who has a caniption and emails me love letters every time I type the words Max Biaggi here.

Anyway, I was watching an interview yesterday that Jackie Stewart did with Ayrton Senna when he asked him about the number of incidents in his career and Ayrton said to him that he goes out there to win, not to come 2nd or 3rd and if he sees a spot he goes for it, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Well, I'm guessing [don't know] that Max would pretty much feel the same way. It's his job [ as well as his ambition] to get the best placing he can. I've watched Max race for a long time, he's very rarely not finished a race, even if he crashed out. He won 4 World Championships in 250cc's, he consistently placed in the Top Ten riders in Motogp, usually at the higher end. He's gone out in WSBK and pretty much continued the consistency this year at unfamiliar tracks.

He's not a dangerous Rider, I don't often raise my eyebrow and say WTF is he doing while he's on the track. If I got the chance, I'd be on the back of his bike and not even blink, wouldn't even care what my Mum thought, it's not like he doesn't know what he's doing.

You don't have to like him, but seriously, might be time for some net peeps to have a little downtime from Google. Oh, and try going and seeing him do promo stuff, I've never once seen him anything other than friendly. Not everything you read or hear is true.

* One of these days I am going to win the Ducati ride with Randy Mamola at the Motogp. Except this year, as I can't go as I have an appointment elsewhere :-(

Sunday, July 01, 2007


well. I have been stuck in bed since Friday. I sprained my ankle and can't get back down the stairs. Next house will be single storey, I tell ya.

Taking the munchkin to Mini Golf tomorrow with one of his mates. It was arranged last weekend so I don't want to put it off. He's been complaining that he doesn't get time with Mum anymore, so I don't think I'd be game to cancel.

Motogp just started, so I'll have to loveya's and leaveya's LOL Go Casey!