Saturday, July 28, 2007


so much to tell and yet.. I can't fully yet. Don't want to jinx it all. I'm starting to feel a little  Kylie'ish as I am reworking myself yet again and need a little time to work out the best way of segregating the different work areas before one overwhelms the other. Evolving is good, right?

I also need to learn to be less private and hidden. I'm extremely uncomfortable when I'm noticed and struggle with that side of it. I tend to hide my personality and hide away until everyone moves on. Web design allows me to work anonymously, but the one I love doing the most, Art, doesn't really work well if you're anonymous.

Not. smart.


Art -

Been a bit neglected for the web design side, have to get stuff done though.

I've just signed up to and for exposure and to trade ATC's and sell ACEO's* online. It's easier to sell via a well known site than it is to sell from your own site. I'm not sure Ebay is the way to go, so went with Art based sites instead.

Still working on masks with D3. Hopefully some pics tomorrow night, if they've dried out enough to work with tomorrow. I'm almost finished another piece that can be put online.

I'm going to be doing some original ACEO's tomorrow as well, so will put the link up when they're up.

[* If you want more info on what ATC's and ACEO's are, go here, they explain it much better than me.]

Web Design -

As I mentioned, I have a regular in house web designer gig now as well as existing clients, so not looking for any more work in that area.


R - Adam Thompson is an Aussie, lead singer for Chocolate Starfish, remember Four Letter Word???? LOL  His site is here. Knock yourself out *g* 

Granddaughter loves Nana singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Only Nana and only Twinkle. She's getting teeth already and today that was the only thing that would stop her screaming. No clue why, I sound like a cat in a sack. So, I walked around the house singing madly for over an hour. She does NOT like Rock a bye baby, must be the idea of falling out of the tree. I might have to introduce her to Nana's favourite music. hehehehehe.

Yes, everyone else in the house hid.


Hearin' : Play Me : Adam Thompson

Readin' : The Icebound Land : John Flanagan

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