Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have drafts of posts half finished because every time I start writing I get interrupted. Here's the tale so far

- In Victoria if you damage your vehicle while trying to avoid some dickhead on the road who has run a Give Way sign, tough noogies. It is not an accident and they don't have to worry about even stopping or pay for the damage they caused.

No wonder there is an increase in road rage and insurance premiums.

OTOH, if you hit their car, it's their fault and they have to pay.

Guess which one happened to us.


I have been busy watching Le Tour de France, boohoo 3 Aussies out in one stage yesterday. We do have 2 left though, Cadel  Evans and Simon Gerrans as well as the German dude who used to be an Aussie errr, Herman?

Shit. I just lost my net connection, I am starting to think the Universe is trying to tell me something! back shortly.

Ok, so it took me longer than I thought and now I've lost my train of thought. Bugger, I hate when that happens!

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