Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who poked the stick?

I woke up grumpy today and never really got out of it. No clue why.

My grumpy mood was not helped by the fact it was Dipshit Day on the roads again. I wish the state govts would get their act together and bring back Give way to the right. Seriously, people drive that way anyway and there'd be less accidents at roundabouts etc. I have even seen numerous Learner drivers do it with real Instructors in the cars and as we all know, as a general rule Learners do not budge unless told to.

Yesterday a garbage truck managed to hit a light pole in the supermarket car park. It's not like they're placed like an obstacle course. Bit like the Boat? What Boat? commercial. Drove past later to see fireys and cops everywhere, so probably kids pinched it and took it to show their mates that hang out down there all night. 

My sister rang and we had a discussion about what our gandchildren will call us when they can talk, she says Nanny sounds younger than Nana. harumph, does not! I said being a grandmother doesn't make me feel old. Being  called a Great Aunt does! LOL

So after I got home from work, picking the kids up and burping the grandbaby I decided to make myself happier by spending some money. As you do. heh.

I bought a cd of Live at the Palace by Adam Thompson. I always thought it was sold out but he has it listed on his site, so I thought I'd grab it while it was around again.

I'm off to draw and paint before my head explodes.


Hearin' - I don't remember - Powderfinger

Readin' - When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit - Judith Kerr

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