Thursday, June 30, 2005

LJ:: Without Wax ::

I started using this blog again recently & copying over the public posts from my other one. Blogger is more easily customised than Live Journal & this one will eventually [ I'm lazy *g*] be more work related [art & design] LJ though is good for private entries, so I can fool unsuspecting visitors into thinking I'm nice LOL. You can click on the link above to get to my LJ.

ps. I'm not really lazy, I'm so jammed with clients & RL, I haven't had time to finish my own site :-(


I wondered why I had a sudden huge spike in visitors to my old domain... all searching for a woman with the same name as me. Bloody Shane Warne!
I am a bit miffed that someone with the same name as me has such bloody bad taste in men. Geez woman, get some class.

Not again!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You know it's school holidays when...

Little toads. This is what hit the window last night and scared the absolute crap out of me. They threw it so hard it tore the screen, so I guess I'm lucky the window didn't break as well. We were the last egg in the carton as they also dumped that on the road.

Monday, June 27, 2005


I had to go back to the Dr, I developed tinnitus from the methotrexate, usually I can mask it but the last couple of days with my cold it's driving me nuts. My levels are a little high, so he's put me back on a newer pain relief drug to help me sleep. I can handle the pain during the day but lately I've been having probs getting to sleep & staying that way. I wonder if this drug will be recalled as well.

Central heating is fixed YAY!
bonus, don't have to pay the 1st dude as he tried to install the incorrect circuit panel & blew the whole thing up. 2nd dude only charged 30 mins as he broke a floor tile when he dropped his ladder. I have a replacement tile in the shed :-)

can I take it back.

I just stepped outside my comfort zone. Yikes.
I'll let you know if I got it or got bitch slapped into eternity *g*


Sunday, June 26, 2005

gallery: Artwork

Here's some of my artwork
gallery: Artwork

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm grumpy.

There should be a cyberlaw somewhere that requires people to pass reading comprehension 101 before unleashing them onto the net or at the very least the world of MB's & Blogs.
This comment is not directed at anyone here.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh My...

The things you can buy on ebay LOL I have to say though, that this auction is better than a piece of toast *g*

I'll be your friend for a whole year

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Australian Red Cross Blood Bank stocks low nationally

If your a healthy Aussie, Get your butt to the nearest blood bank Donate Blood or click to find out about Operation Lifeblood 2005. Give now. [ please :-)]

This is the lowest levels in 25 years the Red Cross have had in the blood bank, they may have to cancel surgeries. You even get a cup of tea, only takes 30 mins of your time and you'll get warm fuzzies from knowing you may have saved a life. Let me know if you donate :-)

Yoda had a transfusion at 5 weeks old, BQ1 & RCK just donated, I even made my Dad go [ heh, that was fun!] BQ2 would have but she's too young. I can't due to the drugs the Dr has me on at the moment.

My Big Day Out... Not.

I am seriously pissed off. I wanted to go to the Art Gallery today, but I have to go by public transport. After careful consideration of time scheds & school pick ups etc the best option was the train. Except. the train was cancelled. So, no Art Gallery.
I seriously wonder how they can, with a straight face, promote public transport as being a better option. Numnuts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pop Art

If you like Andy Warhol's art and/or his protege Jean-Michel Basquiat, the BBC has some pics of their collaborations being sold from Versace's collection
The estate of slain fashion designer Gianni Versace is auctioning some of his art collection in London and New York.

Sunshine & Dragons

Last night at karate, Yoda accidentally contacted his instructor [ hands] Adult Instructor freaked a little & kept asking him if he was ok, checked his hands etc to make sure. Didn't hurt the little booger at all, but as the Instructor walked away he was rubbing his hand LOL Yoda is very proud. Yoda & BQ2 have been practicing all the time & are competing against each other to see who gets the grading first LOL.

BQ1 got a tattoo of a cubist butterfly. heh. she is her mother's daughter.

BQ2 is driving me nuts with the repeated playing of funeral dirge type music. Another 2 1/2 weeks of it. As a form of protest I'm thinking of playing Sunshine,Lollypops & Rainbows or Puff the Magic Dragon repeatedly *g*

Please excuse the bragging *g* Unlike the older 2, who were painful at school -:

BQ2 report card, she got A's with a B+ Polite, Excellent team worker, reliable. Now she's not being bullied at school [this school deals with them,not just shoves it under the table, so she hasn't been bullied at this school at all] her grades have gone back up. She's maintaining them as well so I'm very proud of her. BQ2 has also been doing the Uni program & goes to a lecture once a week.

Yoda's report card, he's going well & is improving rapidly, he's just below the ELO for his grade. Only one area with a B+ which is reading & writing [learning prob due to prematurity & partially deaf] His reading has recently clicked, so by the end of this year we are aiming for Consistent +. He has overcome most of his learning problems with a lot of effort and I'm really proud of him. He gets frustrated still but the calming techniques we've used are working and he is using them himself without prompting from an adult. The area we are having most problems with now are Handwriting, he's a messy writer and struggles to be both neat and finish on time,maybe he's going to be a Dr? :-)
His teacher wrote that Yoda is friendly, has a kind nature & is a genuinely nice person. I've never seen that written in a report card before but it is a nice thing to know that your child is a nice person and their teacher likes them. His teacher is proactive with learning & actively encourages all parents to help their child [ that's sad to write but a lot of parents don't involve themselves]
Expected Learning Outcome for age group mid year = Consolidating

Saturday, June 18, 2005


How to get a teenager to voluntarily tidy up & wash dishes -
BQ2 used my pc today to check her email, she decided to click on a link in a spam email to remove herself from their mailing list [ against all my rules of computer use] & shit herself when all my anti virus progs started flashing & the siren sounded alerting to a trojan.
Now she sees the sense in my draconian rules for computer usage *g*
Kitchen is sparkly LOL

Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain

Appetizer What's one word or phrase that you use a lot?
WALK [ anyone who has kidlets knows this :-)]

Soup Name something you always seem to put off until the last minute.

Salad What was the last great bumper sticker you saw?
Looking for sympathy?
You'll find it in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis

Main Course If you could be invisible for one day, how would you spend your time?
hehehehehehehe, not telling, but it's evil.

Dessert Describe your hair.
short,red & all over the place [hmm,that would also work as a general description of me]

Friday, June 17, 2005

Whine with cheese

I just had a whiny baby post written out, but I changed my mind. It could be a lot worse and many are worse off than I am, so I think I'll just sit here and mull over the meaning of life & distract myself.

Ah crap, I just remembered it's 42, so there goes my distraction of the day!

meh, think I'll just go work on my skeletons dancing with death instead *g* [ for the benefit of my troll, it's a painting. dipstick.]

Central heating won't be fixed until next Friday, so that hasn't helped either, although I am a lot better in a cold low air pressure enviroment, actually being cold makes me worse. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a small heater for the bottom of the house, the bedrooms upstairs have reverse a/c's that help take the chill off up there but downstairs it's like walking into a coldroom.

heh, I must look shifty *g*
Yesterday I was parked at school to pick up Yoda, I was a little early, but not that much. Anyway, sitting there reading my book & I looked up to see in my rear vision mirror, a cop jumping the fence behind me.
PO : Are you ********* ?
Me : errr, yeah [ except I knew she had run my plates as she called me by both names not just my first, which really pisses me off when people do that LOL]
PO : What are you doing?
Me : Huh [ stunned] umm, waiting for school to finish...
PO : On the oval?
Me : Yes, this is the parent's car park
PO : Oh ok then, just checking to make sure the car wasn't abandoned [HUH????] or stolen
Me : No

She then jumped back over the fence and left. It turns out that the school was vandalised again [twice in a fortnight] so although it's good they're increasing patrols & checking up, it's not so good as my car seems to be an object of noticeability [heh, like that mangling of english!] Since I got it back I've had my plates run 4 times! I need to dye my hair purple or green to look more hoonish or something *g*

Ok, see? it worked I've distracted myself & feel much better [ can anyone say short attention span? heh]

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The heating dude came today to replace the central heating circuit board & blew the whole system. I'm sitting here tonight freezing my virtual cahones off. Not happy.

one person can make a difference

I've been a member of for the last 5 years. I don't take part in the race side of it but have provided links for people to click on to help if they want. It doesn't take much time each day to click on each link to help. It doesn't cost anything either, so feel free to click away :-) If you decide to join for free,let me know & I will add you to my network as well. Cya's mateys!

Join's Race to Save the Baby Seals!
Join's Race for the Rain Forest!
Join's Race for the Oceans!
Join's Race for the Big Cats!
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