Friday, June 17, 2005

Whine with cheese

I just had a whiny baby post written out, but I changed my mind. It could be a lot worse and many are worse off than I am, so I think I'll just sit here and mull over the meaning of life & distract myself.

Ah crap, I just remembered it's 42, so there goes my distraction of the day!

meh, think I'll just go work on my skeletons dancing with death instead *g* [ for the benefit of my troll, it's a painting. dipstick.]

Central heating won't be fixed until next Friday, so that hasn't helped either, although I am a lot better in a cold low air pressure enviroment, actually being cold makes me worse. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a small heater for the bottom of the house, the bedrooms upstairs have reverse a/c's that help take the chill off up there but downstairs it's like walking into a coldroom.

heh, I must look shifty *g*
Yesterday I was parked at school to pick up Yoda, I was a little early, but not that much. Anyway, sitting there reading my book & I looked up to see in my rear vision mirror, a cop jumping the fence behind me.
PO : Are you ********* ?
Me : errr, yeah [ except I knew she had run my plates as she called me by both names not just my first, which really pisses me off when people do that LOL]
PO : What are you doing?
Me : Huh [ stunned] umm, waiting for school to finish...
PO : On the oval?
Me : Yes, this is the parent's car park
PO : Oh ok then, just checking to make sure the car wasn't abandoned [HUH????] or stolen
Me : No

She then jumped back over the fence and left. It turns out that the school was vandalised again [twice in a fortnight] so although it's good they're increasing patrols & checking up, it's not so good as my car seems to be an object of noticeability [heh, like that mangling of english!] Since I got it back I've had my plates run 4 times! I need to dye my hair purple or green to look more hoonish or something *g*

Ok, see? it worked I've distracted myself & feel much better [ can anyone say short attention span? heh]

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

The art of self-distraction is a very handy skill to have. However, whiney baby posts make excellent reading (when they're not mine)

How about showing some of your art on your blog? It'd be good to see, I think.

antikva said...

As long as it doesn't include lint & navels *g*

Yes, that way I don't have to feel the pain. heh.

Sure, should be online by the end of the week as long as my camera isn't held to ransom by BQ2, she's suddenly decided to take millions of photo's a day. I can barely keep up with the battery recharging *g*