Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sunshine & Dragons

Last night at karate, Yoda accidentally contacted his instructor [ hands] Adult Instructor freaked a little & kept asking him if he was ok, checked his hands etc to make sure. Didn't hurt the little booger at all, but as the Instructor walked away he was rubbing his hand LOL Yoda is very proud. Yoda & BQ2 have been practicing all the time & are competing against each other to see who gets the grading first LOL.

BQ1 got a tattoo of a cubist butterfly. heh. she is her mother's daughter.

BQ2 is driving me nuts with the repeated playing of funeral dirge type music. Another 2 1/2 weeks of it. As a form of protest I'm thinking of playing Sunshine,Lollypops & Rainbows or Puff the Magic Dragon repeatedly *g*

Please excuse the bragging *g* Unlike the older 2, who were painful at school -:

BQ2 report card, she got A's with a B+ Polite, Excellent team worker, reliable. Now she's not being bullied at school [this school deals with them,not just shoves it under the table, so she hasn't been bullied at this school at all] her grades have gone back up. She's maintaining them as well so I'm very proud of her. BQ2 has also been doing the Uni program & goes to a lecture once a week.

Yoda's report card, he's going well & is improving rapidly, he's just below the ELO for his grade. Only one area with a B+ which is reading & writing [learning prob due to prematurity & partially deaf] His reading has recently clicked, so by the end of this year we are aiming for Consistent +. He has overcome most of his learning problems with a lot of effort and I'm really proud of him. He gets frustrated still but the calming techniques we've used are working and he is using them himself without prompting from an adult. The area we are having most problems with now are Handwriting, he's a messy writer and struggles to be both neat and finish on time,maybe he's going to be a Dr? :-)
His teacher wrote that Yoda is friendly, has a kind nature & is a genuinely nice person. I've never seen that written in a report card before but it is a nice thing to know that your child is a nice person and their teacher likes them. His teacher is proactive with learning & actively encourages all parents to help their child [ that's sad to write but a lot of parents don't involve themselves]
Expected Learning Outcome for age group mid year = Consolidating

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