Thursday, December 24, 2009

and for good measure...

Merry Christmas hugs to everyone :D

See you all on the flip side!

PS. Due to circumstances beyond my control I did not mail out any cards or anything else this year, sorry :( I still love you all & send many virtual hugs instead. 2010 owes me big time and a few other lurkers I think.


How rude! Hugh Grant was in Sydney for his latest movie premiere and I didn't even know! Bah Humbug, you'd think they'd at least have a red carpet premiere here for the movie so I can go scream and then faint at his feet *grin*

Then again, it's probably a good thing, I might not like him in real life, have all my romantic fantasies [ heh.. I heard that snort!] quashed which would ruin Christmas and the rest of the year I'd be a total cow to everyone.

I mean, we've had the Archibalds here for 2 years running & the Couture exhibition, so it's not like we're a cultural backwater or anything.

BTW, if you think you see me driving around town, then it's not me as I am apparently driving an invisible bright red car. Given the number of twits who have cut me off & driven straight out in front of me the last few days I can only conclude that my invisible shield is stuck in the on position. Must be from the speed bumps in the car parks.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So this is Christmas...

This year I haven't felt very Christmassy after all the crap that's happened :( but the tunnel is starting to show a bit of light and I finally kicked myself in the butt and made some Cutlery stockings, this year the table theme is gold, white and stars. I made the small table tree for gothy daughter, just have to finish making a pink one for the older one for her house.

Tree is up, presents are bought and I'm wrapping them tonight. Just have to buy salad veges & watermelon, make my potato salad and choc ripple cake and then I'm done. Phew! That's Christmas Eve, the next day we pack up and drag everything to Melbourne for the day with the outlaws and other rellies. We have some breakables this year, so I'm a little worried they'll break in the car. Might have to make the gothy one hold the boxes on her lap all the way :D [ she reads my blog, so I can't resist teasing LOL]

We did the light run the other night, I've never seen so many houses with lights! Was good though and I particularly liked one place with a humongous Santa out the front which we found by accident, it did cross my mind that it would be a good way to stop door salesmen LOL

I've also made some new necklaces, more paintings are in progress and now I have broken out the Christmas Carols, so I hope everyone has a happy & safe Christmas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Candle Thieves - The Sunshine Song

Look, I found new music :D just in time for my Christmas present too! So I bought the EP on iTunes. I like all of the songs on it which is unusual as usually you don't like ALL of them, so this Christmas present is in the WOOHOO you got it right pile :p

Friday, December 04, 2009

Santa comes early!

Paypal Australia just sent me $20 :D

Ninja cats & Granny Squares

We have a ninja cat who also descends from gremlins. Do not feed after midnight.


Our invisible psycho cat tearing around the house knocking stuff [ photo's & glass kittehs! ack!] off shelves is going to get banished to the laundry at night if she keeps this crap up. I am not a flipping race track! She jumps up on me every.single.night hundreds of times. and lands right on my chest every time. Ouch. and no, that's not the 4 letter word she hears as my brain wakes up and registers pain LOL

So haven't been sleeping very well and the rest of the time I've been busy and hibernating in my cave. Not watching or reading the news, no Facebook, not even any Mafia Wars. My brain seriously needed a break.

I have taught myself [ with a step by step intructable with actual crocheting on both ends emergency crochet phone call to my Mum and 6 billion pages of internet instructions] to crochet granny squares. YAY. I think. I have finally created my very first actual square that is recognisable as a granny square AND is square! The first 100 look like various animal ears hehe & then Hubby asked me if I was making pasties for orphaned North Pole strippers! how rude! I have some really cool wool colours, so am making some scarves for the girls as my first full item. yes, I do know it's summer here :p but by the time I finish them it will be winter. heh.

My nephew is also getting married next year. We almost had a disaster though, 2 cousins getting married on the same day on opposite ends of the country. So, as we do not descend from Time Lords, one couple had to change their date. phew. crisis averted. I love my nephew and future niece in law. Guess I'll have to get something extra special as a wedding present for them now :D or our Daughter will... lol

I thought today was Wednesday until I noticed Jan's tweet saying it was Friday :D
and while on the phone to my Mum the other day, realised I am 2 years younger than I actually thought. ROFL, clearly I need more raspberry vodka.