Sunday, November 28, 2010

stop poking me!

I'm here.
Yes, I do know what time it is. Stop looking at me like that, I've been busy.
Well, after the great 2010gmailhack I have scrubbed and cleaned every part of my hard drive, changed passwords a gajillion times and yada,yada, yada.

While I was gone, I have
- volunteered at this years MusoMagic workshop and as usual, the kids created a most wonderful song! They all work hard every year and this year was no exception.

-Went to a live gig and got to see Adam Thompson sing live finally! well, apart from at MusoMagic :D All the rumours I've heard are true! He does put on a fantastic live show, even after working all day! Was a great night.

 Glenn Bidmead performed with Adam and is also one of my favourite musos. Go check out his gigs page and see if he's performing near you, if he is, go to one and you can thank me later :D [ Vodka or chocolate :) ]

-I got a new camera but haven't worked it out yet.
-Dealt with some family stuff  [magic wand is now officially in a rest period]
-Dealt with various govt depts, who made me think I fell down the bloody rabbit hole backwards.
-Dealt with an after medical hours cemetery injury to a child, who should have known better but will never do it again!  [ meh, he's ok but the merciless teasing continues, involving claws and dust :D ]
-Galloped up and down freeways, north and south.

-Painted. Ripped up painting. Painted again, wondered if I can glue ripped up artwork back together or add it to something else and call it Mixed  Media. Painted again. Gave up and started a completely new one.
-Gilded while the weather was right for it.

-Did some lino cutting. and some finger cutting LOL Don't act all horrified, you'd all be more shocked if I hadn't! :D 

-Made some new flowers for brooches and hair pins for a new project. [ Would say but not sure if I'm allowed yet, will ask as then you can buy some from them as I won't be selling them & some other stuff anywhere else :D ]

-Did some research on dragons and follow up research on Aussie Illuminators [ note to self: Need to plan a road trip to Canberra]. Drew a Christmas card image up and have started painting it ready to scan and turn into a Christmas card.

-Started a creative coaching course.

-Tried to organise a kids 21st. Failed. Tried again. Defaulted to BBQ. Oh, plus she's having a huge night at her sisters with all her friends in Melb.No, I am not going to that :D So all is good.

-Pondered climbing into the roof to chase out the possum keeping me awake.
-Discarded that idea as Not On Your Life as ermmmm, SPIDERS are up there!

-Wondered if I should start looking up plans for an Ark but have now abandoned that project in favour of sleeeeeeeeep as the possum has stopped running around! Nite everyone :D

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Wedding!

By popular request, here is a pic of the Bride & Groom! and the cake :D