Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Searching the engines...

Well, still stuck in bed, foot propped up and bored shitless. I hate not being able to get stuff done. I even missed out on minigolf :-(

So, I've watched DVDs, redesigned some client layouts, getting ready to convert one to a cms, making templates for them and faffing around. I've also had time to just surf the net aimlessly. I watched a few vids on youtube etc. I watched my Ayrton Senna dvd and Faster as well, so was thinking. Yep, very dangerous *g*

Recently I've had a few people come through here searching Max Biaggi with some not so nice words following behind. A lot were related to the off at Misano. Not to mention my troll, who has a caniption and emails me love letters every time I type the words Max Biaggi here.

Anyway, I was watching an interview yesterday that Jackie Stewart did with Ayrton Senna when he asked him about the number of incidents in his career and Ayrton said to him that he goes out there to win, not to come 2nd or 3rd and if he sees a spot he goes for it, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Well, I'm guessing [don't know] that Max would pretty much feel the same way. It's his job [ as well as his ambition] to get the best placing he can. I've watched Max race for a long time, he's very rarely not finished a race, even if he crashed out. He won 4 World Championships in 250cc's, he consistently placed in the Top Ten riders in Motogp, usually at the higher end. He's gone out in WSBK and pretty much continued the consistency this year at unfamiliar tracks.

He's not a dangerous Rider, I don't often raise my eyebrow and say WTF is he doing while he's on the track. If I got the chance, I'd be on the back of his bike and not even blink, wouldn't even care what my Mum thought, it's not like he doesn't know what he's doing.

You don't have to like him, but seriously, might be time for some net peeps to have a little downtime from Google. Oh, and try going and seeing him do promo stuff, I've never once seen him anything other than friendly. Not everything you read or hear is true.

* One of these days I am going to win the Ducati ride with Randy Mamola at the Motogp. Except this year, as I can't go as I have an appointment elsewhere :-(

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