Saturday, December 03, 2005

I'm alive, I'm alive!

Made it back alive, in one piece and only got lost once. Which bright spark put an Avalon airport exit sign next to the Melb Next Exit sign? Dipshits.

So, I got off onto the Western Ring Rd, then detoured back via Pascoevale Rd. Only screamed at the MOTH once over the phone, when he said he knew where I was, but didn't. He was already as pissed as a fart. So, some guy at the servo told me how to get back onto the Tullamarine Fwy because if I'd followed the inebriated one's instructions, I would have ended up in Wodonga.

The minute I got on the Monash freeway it started pouring and didn't stop until I got home again. Typical.

So, should be a piece of cake from now on! heh.
Then again, now I won't have an excuse NOT to pick someone up at the airport LOL

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