Monday, December 19, 2005

Dietary Advice

Bloody Hell! I lost 6 kg's in 3 days with this bug. Ewwwwww. I really don't recommend it as a diet though. Bet I'll put it back on in the next few daze. Ahhh, ham, cherries, watermelon!
Surgery Rescheduled for Febuary. Yeehaaa.

Weird goings on overhead today. 3 choppers in the sky, Ch 7, police and Elvis. Ch 7 must be doing a story on Elvis, he was doing skim runs with the water from the lake behind us. Looked pretty cool in close up action!
Bought everybody out around the neighbourhood for a gawk, free entertainment for the day. We all thought there must have been a major accident on Old Dandenong Rd until we saw Elvis zooming around dumping water & refilling.

Hmmm, maybe they should put Elvis to work up in Cronulla. Cool them all off. Although, I do like Crapping on about whatever I feel like's idea of water cannons filled with dye.

EDIT: NOT Elvis the singer, Elvis the fire fighting helicopter! Puhleeese, I am not quite that nuts yet.

Well, No rest for the wicked! LHAT.

Feelin' - Chirpy!
Hearin' - Advertising Space - Robbie Williams

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