Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Root planing by Quadrants

Mia [kidlet formerly known as BattleQueen 3] woke me from a nanny nap this arvo gibbering absolute rubbish and jumping up & down like a complete lunatic whilst simultaneously waving her mobile around like she was wielding a light sabre.
She's won VIP tickets to Channel V's 'What you Want' Kate DeAraugo's concert or words to that effect. I'm still trying to shove my heart back in my chest & retrieve my fingernails from the ceiling.
So, she's having a good weekend, on Saturday she goes to Green Day, yes, in the Idiot Zone, nothing like killing your hearing at an early age. The MOTH has to take her as I have a theatre appointment with a lovely man on Friday *g*
Ok, ok, I'm having day surgery with a dentist under a general anaesthetic, so I won't be a happy lil vegemite for a couple of days. Root Planing by Quadrant does not sound like it's going to be enjoyable. Well, not as much as if I was at a Green Day concert *sigh*

This should be good, I'll be moaned at for the next few years about him having to go. ROFL You thought I was joking about him only liking Pop Tart music, didn't you?

Hearin': Swallow my Pride - Ramones
Feelin': ripped off by the universe

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