Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh boy!

I think I have had every single moronic driver in Melbourne either directly before me or after me today. One idiot overtook me & then cut me off turning into the street 10 metres down the bloody road. Luckily, when I drove through later, when he was holding the stop/slow sign for the roadworks there, I resisted the temptation! Obviously he was late for work and needed to get there 5 secs earlier than if he had stayed behind me doing the actual speed limit. People pulling out to the right to turn left [and vice versa] or pulling out as if I'm invisible. Hello, big red car here! Bloody idiots.

BQ2 had her email & MSN Mgr hacked by some of her *friends* yesterday. After I reset the pw's they did it again. Sadly for them, I have their IP addy's now *g* They read the note I left in there for them, so I wonder how well they slept last night and if they jump at the knock on the door for a couple of days LOL One of them has been very friendly to BQ2 today. The IT dept at school is also investigating their logs as they did it first at school.
Little shits! 15/16 yr old females are such little cows. I'm positive I was never that bad *vewg* hmmm, I don't think my Mum would agree. heh.

I must be off, I have a 10 yr old back from camp to collect. I'm sure he's itching to get back home [to watch cartoons, not cos he's missed his Mum]

'Ooroo cobbers!

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