Tuesday, September 11, 2007

flaring and venting

Not a very happy lil vegemite at the moment. A minor flare since I had the flu has turned into a pita one [ and me too] the last few days. Not a lot of options drug wise as they've all been recalled. I'm very tired and very sore. I'm turning into a big whiny sooky la la today. 

At the moment I can't walk as even the soles of my feet hurt along with all my joints.  Can't paint because my hands are really swollen [which is probably more the reason for the emotional meltdown] I can't sit for long either, so can't surf the net much either. It's taken me several attempts throughout the day to type this. Pretty miserable git aren't I? sorry. I try not to let it rule my life but at the moment I've just reached *that* point.Tomorrow I'll be past it and be ok again.

The cats are feeling sympathetic & have been hanging out on the bed with me :-)

And there is nothing worth watching on tv either.

Anyway, enough whining! 

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and be able to start moving around again. Or, at least be able to do some painting.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Anthony said...

Look at it this way, whenever things seem to be a major pain in the ass...you were able to get up and put your feet on the floor.

Hope tomorrow's a better day.

If you have a chance I'd appreciate you having a look at my tribute to Thomas Richard Kelly

Ozfemme said...

Hey you. I hope things start improving. In the meantime, stay in bed, sleep as much as you can and get all the sympathy from the cats you can! Hope to see you up and painting again soon!