Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is a Misterrabbit & Jooooooooolia free zone

I have already voted :D heh

 So, I have discovered that I am horribly susceptible to family commenters. You know what I mean, they say things that to anyone else seem innocuous and light hearted but in reality have just shoved a sharp knife right into your heart and confidence. Takes a while to get past it...

So, I used to be a list person, bills & birthdays on a calendar, room to clean etc, etc. It was really helpful with 4 kids, a fulltime corporate job and long hours. It stayed helpful when we had 4 kids + a grandchild + assorted hangeronnerers at home and a fulltime freelance business.  When we moved here, I all but stopped doing it  & life has been getting increasingly chaotic & I am as well. I jump from one project to another and feel like I'm all over the place without getting one completed thing done. Add in the first paragraph and I'm pretty much sitting here like a toddler whose pulled out ALL her toys and just been told to put them all away, is overwhelmed and >< that close to a full blown tantrum. Yeah.

So, lists are back. Laugh all you like.
First thing on list was to vote. Second was to mail it back :D
So, all mail is being sent on Friday, so if you receive a parcel from me and it has my postal vote in it, please be kind enough to mail it on, I'll arrange for the AEC to mail your package to you.

I didn't say the lists worked all the time :p

PS> Dear Family who read this blog, [ oh, and the his/hers exes especially]  I don't care if you read anymore. If you read something you don't like, that's your problem, take it up with someone who cares what you think.   This is not aimed at the youngest BattleQueen, she's read here for years :D

Uhoh, LOTS of sirens, multi ambos & cops just went past... that's not going to have a happy ending. Looks like another accident just up the road :( 5th in less than a, we don't live on a major road.

3 Even Wiser people reply:

Jen xo said...

i lose lists, they are not at all helpful :)

it is overwhelming all the time trying to keep it all together...hope its not another accident...

dogbait said...

I can say what I like about family members because hardly any of them read it.

Jayne said...

Lists are great, I make lists allllll the time.
Like which family member to bury in which hole in the vegie patch ...;)