Friday, October 10, 2008

Back again!

Well. That was not a fun break. I missed going down to Phillip Island for Motogp for the first time in years. I had pneumonia for the 2nd time, except this time it was in both lungs, apparently it was viral and then turned to bacterial. You know it's going to be bad when even the soles of your feet hurt while you are lying down.

Anyway, I am a lot better today. Last Friday I honestly thought about my mortality and of course scared myself stupid. Mind you, the Dr helped with the OMG!!! I don't wanna die bit, so I did exactly what I was told to do, rest, drink plenty of water, take antibiotics religiously and various puffer thingys. Then promptly had to add another allergy to my list of medication I definitely can't take again or the mortality question will raise it's ugly head.

Now one of the kids has had it as well, but he should be well enough to go back to school on Monday. We both just went for a follow up visit and the Dr has pronounced us well on the path to healthiness again. TG.

Mum and Dad diverted their holiday and came here earlier as they were a bit worried after talking to hubby. I had 3 days of my Mum looking after me *g* They've gone now to Geelong to see my Aunt for 2 weeks, then come back here for 2 weeks before chuffing their way back up to Brisbane to my brothers place.

You should see the mess in my studio! I have to reorganise again after the rearrangement of the house for visitors. sigh.

5 Even Wiser people reply:

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you were so crook. That think can kill but it tends to be the elderly.

antikva said...

Thanks matey! I was a bit worried as they were trying to put me in hospital but I was being a tad stubborn about not going LOL

I'm almost back to 100% and went for a followup today and he said all was good.

Hey, I read that you guys are leaving soon! Have a great trip and takes lotsa pics! and be careful :-) sorry, was trying to resist saying that!

Ann ODyne said...

truly rooly the studio can wait while you recuperate PROPERLY.
Be well soon.
peace and love ...

Ann ODyne said...

Hi Ants - love the portfolio slideshow, specially the manuscripts ones; but what's with the post above having "Dec 25th' for a date?.

... go calmly amid the haste and noise ...

antikva said...

heh. I thought I'd make sure I'd get organised this year instead of doing the "Where is the closest servo open so we can buy chocolates on the way? " freak out on Christmas Day. So that's my countdown reminder.

Thanks Ann! I am working on some more again finally :-)