Saturday, August 30, 2008

On being a Fantastic Frog and Muso Magic

I had 2 fun days last week...

I volunteered to help out at a Muso Magic [ go, click, I'll wait till you come back, drop down the recent school workshop box and it's there :-) ] workshop run by Adam Thompson [ ex Chocolate Starfish singer] If you ever get the chance to help out, jump in both feet. Or, if your kidlet gets the chance through school to do the workshop, sign the permission slip and send it back immediately by registered mail to the school *g*

Yes. It's that good.

Yes, it's motivating but not in a visible way. Adam transmits his energy out to everyone there and you just kind of absorb it. He doesn't waffle on about being positive etc it just happens naturally.

The kids have heaps of fun as well as learning to write a song and perform together. Adam and his team are excellent at what they do. You can't top Adam and Glenn [Goat Man] I wish I could bottle the magic they really do create. Seriously.

2 days and I know all of the kids went home feeling great about themselves and are now probably thinking of things to do that they would never have dreamt they could.
The kids wrote and performed the most amazing song and got up there and sang it like they were rockstars!

Made me feel great too :-) watching it happen. I got goosebumps when the kids performed it live on stage for the first time. And I am still feeling happy.

I'm really glad I got to meet Adam, Glenn and Linley and see them as people who care and are excellent at what they do, rather than just a name and picture.

PS. And, yes, Adam Thompson sounds exactly the same while jumping around with kids in a room as he does on a cd. Even with an iron on his head. The Goat man is one cool dude too.

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