Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Groundhog Day

Remember that movie? I'm stuck in a special screening just for me. I try to be positive with the eldest and stay hopeful. At the moment though, that hope is slipping away. Tough love is aptly named, although it's tougher on the parents.

On a funny note [ which isn't really funny but more macabre] I heart Yahoo search. They've got the first husband pegged right with their alternate search suggestions for his name MUWAHAHAHAHA! I know it's mean to tease, but if I said it I'd get sued. LOL

Anyway, I have had busy fingers, I sent in my contribution for the Mirabelle foundation auction on Ebay that Pip from Meet Me at Mike's is running. This is my very first original designed and made by me softie!

Meet KreepiKat :

I've also made a version in polymer clay as a pendant and a print one for a tshirt. I've become rather enamoured of him, so if the cats in the house aren't careful, he'll be getting the best sun spot to lay in *g*
I'm working on a painting today but the photo will have to wait until the photographers get home :-)

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