Friday, June 06, 2008


We wandered down to view the Archibald '08 exhibition which is currently ensconced in the local gallery. I was a bit hmmm about this years winner but seriously, the images you've seen on tv or photo's do not do the actual image justice. In person it is vivid and full of movement and subtle textures and shapes. I can now see why it was chosen as the winner.

The Heath Ledger image is also wonderful but feels very dark and foreboding. Although, that could just be my layering after his death. Mildly creepy and I felt like a bit of a voyeur looking at it. Don't get me wrong though, it's a great artwork and powerful, I felt like he was going to reach out and poke people.

One by Leslie Rice that was split into multiple images that you could barely see. In fact, I walked past half of it before I realised the frames weren't empty [could partially be the lighting though]

My personal favourite after the Del Kathryn Barton piece was by Hong Fu, Dr Joseph Brown

Afterwards we wandered across the road and browsed the Antique/Secondhand shops. I found a set of wooden cats that I hinted at hubby as my birthday present and a couple of beautiful marcasite pieces that I drooled over as well. Could keep me entertained for days in there LOL We decided to go to the Beechworth Bakery for lunch, which was really busy.

Then we came home.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am in my studio wondering which thought to release first :-) I've finally finished all outstanding webwork, so am freeeeee!

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