Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Help? Where? Rhetoric over action strikes again!

Sooooo, the crisis people can't even find them a caravan or 2 to go where the house/garage was?

ROFLMAO. And people accuse me of being cynical. What a freaking joke.

Yes, I am a big fan of self reliance and responsibility, however, sometimes the help on offer is useless. Giving them a caravan and hooking it up on site and organising for the family to take part in an owner builder relationship to rebuild would be practical. Finding a civic minded builder to help would have been more practical, or even nominating them for one of the shows on tv, instead of a garden makeover they have a whole block they could make over. 3 years dumped into crisis accomodation where they have to pay rent and utilities does not help a family recover from losing everything.

And, the council waits till winter? Yes, that's practical help.

I'm not a fan of just doing everything for people, but putting forward other options other than short term crisis help needs to be incorporated. Practical help, not looks good on paper and pat me on the back help.

A CRANBOURNE family of eight is out in the cold after bulldozers moved in on their makeshift home.

Shortly before 10.30am on Thursday, two police cars arrived at the Darcy Court property to remove Vince Grant, his pregnant partner Karen Dyball, their four children aged 12 and under and Mr Grant's 76-year-old mother, Patricia.

By lunchtime, the garage they had been living in was demolished. Hours later, Ms Dyball went into labour a week early and was taken to Frankston Hospital where she gave birth to a healthy son David Bradley.
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3 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

I just cannot make myself click on 'Read more ...'.

The buldozer was operated by a person.
A human person.
If he had refused, and everybody else refused ...

I don't understand people.

Ann ODyne said...

well of course I did go back and read it all, and it was so awful I stole it for my place.
Ya gotta wonder how
the person who ordered it can sleep at night, or given that its Cranbourne,
why he hasn't been whacked yet.

antikva said...

Good :-) spread the word! Absolutely bloody amazing that this shit happens. especially since these eejits are *elected*. I wonder why it took the council 2 1/2 yrs to decide that the structure left was *too* dangerous.

I read that councils in the SE area are holding the *open to the public* time very late at night instead of earlier in their meetings. Wonder why? *snort*

Given some of the bylaws they're passing it's a wonder they don't just give up the facade of democracy and ban the public from Council meetings altogether. We're such a bloody nuisance with our objections!