Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's do the time warp again...

Time just seems to keep getting away from me.

We are moving my studio around [yes, again!] I just can't seem to get it into a proper workflow, so we're changing it from the 2 rooms into 1. I need an uncluttered easy to get to space in order to work and it seems impossible in this house. Could just be my brain though LOL

I am allowed to start excercising again [light only, no joint impact at all] so have chosen bellydancing ROFLMAO This should be veeeerry interesting!

I have my eye on a house, slightly out of town, in a smaller town. I am seriously sick of house hunting. The house we're renting has no heating and it's absolutely freezing here. Even the cats are getting under the doonah's. The first time, I thought hubby had suddenly grown a full pelt! We've bought heaters but they still don't seem to heat the house to comfortable. Then again, being a tropical girl it may just mean I am doomed to feel frozen forever down here LOL Hopefully by the end of the year, just in time for summer, we will be in our own house and I can paint the bloody walls any colour I like and hang a gazillion pieces of art if I like!

Oh, and have a straight floor.

Well darrrrrrlings, I must be off to see if I can create a masterpiece *g*
Luvyas all.

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