Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Rude!

This magazine

pinched a photo my daughter took of Max Biaggi at the 2007 WSBK races at Phillip Island. No one even bothered to email and ask. I would have said it was okay but they should have asked first.

I posted it in my blog at the time as well as putting it into my Google Photo's. I had to dump it when the server got hacked but it's still in google photo's as a private album, so I have plenty of proof.

Obviously she's good enough if people are pinching her pics. She used that series of photo's in her portfolio interview to get into her course. We moved here so she could do her course because she wants to become a sports photojournalist. Now, what would have happened if the Lecturers happened across that same image and thought she'd pinched it?

Not Nice! especially as they've added their copyright to the pic. So, I've emailed them nicely to credit her or remove it.

We'll see what happens.

Still unpacking boxes.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...


'server got hacked' ?

best wishes re unpacking and virtual-help coming at you
peace and love too

antikva said...

Thanks bwca! Yes, mongrels! and they have just ignored my email as well. Not happy!

Yep. server hacked. hopefully they've fixed it now. Not much fun!

Can you send some piskies my way to help unpack too? :-)