Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What day is it?

Spent 4 hours at the hairdressers today :-) Well, not just me but the 2 youngest daughters as well.

Fingers crossed, this is the move timetable :

Prepack 11th

Uplift 12th

Delivery 13th

As this is our final defence removal, which btw is Number 8, we still get hotel accommodation and allowances for prepack and uplift days. I have to leave everything switched on here as No2 daughter is staying here until the 17th, then is staying with her bf for a few days until the girls can move into the house they've rented. Very convoluted. We're going up to get the keys on Friday and transfer the youngest to the Secondary College down the road from where we'll be living.

So, house is full of boxes and stuff to get rid of. So much fun. With any luck we'll be unpacked and settled by the 15th.  Then back down to Phillip Island on the 28th for WSBK weekend.

Oh yeah... Shrek toothpaste tastes nice. LOL Don't ask and you won't get a silly answer.

Hugs Bunnies, Catchya tommorrow!

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