Monday, February 18, 2008


sorry! been busy unpacking. No kangaroos to be seen but we do have a lot of kookaburras that you can hear laughing early morning and dusk. A lot of other birds as well, so far no kangaroos though. We have bushland directly behind our house and across the road is a small creek that runs through another lot of bush. Very similar area to our house in Townsville.

Kookaburras are good, means no snakes. There's also a walking trail in the bush behind us, so will have to go have a squizz.

The house is nice, former miners cottage extended and renovated with heaps of power points and data points. A lot smaller than the McMansion but everything looks like it will fit. Luckily we're down to 4 people though or no way would everything have fitted. We're on adsl here which I set up as soon as the stuff was delivered and Austar is on in time for the start of the racing season YAY!

My server host had a massive power failure while I have been offline. Apparently they are getting new parts in to repair it all. Wonder if the new construction behind their data centre caused it? Bit of a bummer as there are lots of unhappy people screaming in forums about it. Lots of conspiracy theories being concocted as well. A lot are jumping ship but I haven't really had many probs with them, so I'll stick it out. Pretty much, shit happens and the same thing can happen any host you use.

Mia starts her course tomorrow and Yoda goes back to school on Tuesday. His whole school uniform here is gray, he is not impressed LOL The day we started moving he stacked his scooter and landed on his knee on bricks. Ouch. So, off to the Dr, xrays and he's on crutches. No break but torn ligaments and a wicked bruise. He grazed his knee as well and it was the size of a balloon for a few days but has gone down pretty quickly. Every time we move one always gets sick or damaged.

Random update is done. Nite.

3 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

Hey you!

Hope all is going as smoothly as it can when one moves city....

Keep up the good work!


antikva said...

Thanks matey! Bit stressed and I really,really,really hate packing/unpacking but if life was easy I'd be bored shitless *g*


BwcaBrownie said...

oh the poor kid.
off-a-bike is the worst pain.

I have many kookas here and I love their mass laugh-outs - I only have one more week and will miss them terribly (and everything else).

I have had snake surprises twice though, so they aint eatin the baby ones quick enough.
Snakes eat frogs and lizards and there's tons of those left too.