Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm still around...

I've written a post about our weekend at Superbikes but it's all over the place, so I've saved it as a draft for now. I've been editing the thousands of pix hubby took for me and trying to burn them to dvds for everyone. I also had some medical appointments and stuff today, so was a bit busy too sit and rewrite.

Anyway, test results are back

1. No more steroids for a while. YAY!

2. Am allowed to restart physio. YAY!

3. My eyes are fine, the problem was my glasses. They were overpowered [L side x 2 & R side by 5] and the imbalance caused the blurry vision, headaches etc. So, new glasses YAY!

4. Got the bill and paid for new glasses and sunglasses [prescription] OH!

5. Still got a squillion boxes to unpack. Sigh.

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