Friday, March 14, 2008

76m2 and all I'm missing is my brain and a dvd*

At this point I'm pretty damn sure I packed my brains in a box and labelled it PBO shed or lounge. That's what every box we have seems to have been labelled. And. not by me. How the hell can you lose 100 cd/dvds in a removal under 200 klms? I am gobsmacked that they've been moved the length and breadth of the country but 200kms and they've run away from home! maybe they felt neglected? Backups from 1994. Client files. Floppy disks Cd's and Dvd's from computer magazines, which btw I found every last one I ever bought since 1994 BUT not the freaking dvd that contains the software that is vital to a current project. Shit. i even found the disks for my Apple circa 1992. I can buy the latest version of it but I'd have to play catchup learning the new stuff *pouts* and I LIKE the version I have from last year. * Sorry, I'm not creative enough to do 2 posts at a time, I barely remember to make 1 a day sometimes!

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