Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home again.

Youngest is sick so is home from school.
We have a room designated the tardis. It has lots of boxes stuffed into it and I like to go in there and play tetris.
It's like a kind of parallel universe Christmas here atm, boxes that contain items that have no direct correlation to the contents. Fun.

I have made a new necklace but now have to work out how to finish it off [the doing up part] Tomorrow I am making buttons ;-) then painting, then I have a site design and database concept to finish off as well as it's matching quote.

Yes, Rob, will out up a pic of the tshirt I did for Superbikes :-) just for you! LOL

I am trying to get organised. I hate chaos when it's unordered. Much like this post!

OH! Before I forget, we were out the front tonight and heard this weird noise coming from the creek/bush over the road, all of a sudden this humungous [sp??] kangaroo comes bounding across the road at us, down the side of the house to the back and starts eating grass happily as if we weren't even there! It was huge, taller than me too [yes, I know, what a surprise. seems like everything and everyone is taller than me atm! heh] Couldn't get a photo this time though.

Going to get sleep now before I fall off the chair. Nite All.

1 Even Wiser people reply:

Anthony said...

I feel your pain.

Too many moves over the years; whether it's a short one across the street which I've done, believe it or not, more than once or from one state to's never easy.

Don't stress over it too much, everything will come together.

When you run across your camera, I hope you'll share the view out your (new) window.