Thursday, January 17, 2008

OMG! Oh the Dramaz!

A big sorry to those who read in a reader. I have been having my images & bandwidth [amongst other stuff] pinched by people. Leeches. I thought that it would be better to put images back up but they were swooped upon again. So now I am trying the Ban Hotlink method. Which, has the obvious drawback of images not showing via the Readers. Le Sigh.

As I said, OMG the Internetz Dramaz!

So, Oh Wise One's... What do you recommend I do?

A/ Remove the hotlink protection and just go with the flow?
B/ Leave it and see how many people complain bitterly that they had to click through?
C/ Give up and don't worry about it?

I've been buying on Ebay for 7 years and never had a parcel go missing in transit until now :-( Bummer. I've never seen this particlar item before either, a miniature replica racing helmet. Seller was great though and refunded straight away, so no probs apart from not getting it. Oh well, maybe I could just buy the helmets blank and paint them to suit.

OTOH, I did just grab a wooden plan cabinet for $31- that matches the new drafting table top and work desk tops that Hubby just made for me. The others were either too large or too small. So,that's worked out well. It has wheels too! I can also plonk my lightbox on top of it and free up some space as well. Bonus!

I also got an invitation from an online Artist gallery which is local, so accepted that. Hopefully we get the new digital camera next week and the photogs in the family can take photo's of artwork to upload.

Well, best get going, I have to get dolled up and go meet a client.


3 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...

Just swinging through to say don't go too crazy celebrating Our National Day ...
peas and love, brownie

BwcaBrownie said...

ebay? today there is a report that a person working in some NYC history archive has been selling the docs on ebay.
and I am laughing.
nearly as funny as that French bank that was so out to luneoh that they did not notice 714 billion francs was not there.
ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ann ODyne said...

'luneoh' ? is that French for 'luncheon' ?