Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hazy days...

Eek. 7.30pm and the temp is only just starting to go down again. It's still 40.5C [ it deserves a big C when it's this bloody hot!] I drove down to IGA today and think I seared my fingertips off on the steering wheel after going 2 metres.

We have a HUGE spider on the front door window strip and of course we get a power person rock up to ensure I know how much his company can save me.

It doesn't seem to register that I say No politely, they just keep yammering their spiel. BUT. heh. the spider freaked him out and he left rapidly after I pointed it out and expressed concern that it may jump on him *grin*

I may keep my friend the spider for a bit longer! Well, as long as the door snake keeps him outside anyway :-)

Hopefully we'll have the keys to our house this week, it's such a pita living out of boxes again.

3 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

bit of luck that spider brought.
I always feel sorry for those Utilities canvassers and can not be rude to them.
The companies who hire them should be SLAPPED.

This heat is just a normal day in Los Angeles, and all the places on the Equator.
WE are just not properly organised for it.
The red rattler trains of my working youth were never defeated by heat. People stood in the open doors of speeding trains to get the breeze.
Sedgwicks poor bloody horse raced at Kilmore today and came 4th.

Good luck with the move.
I am posting you a housecooling present - c/o Kanagaroo Flat PO be OK?

antikva said...

LOL, I know! I am such a pushover and can't just say effoff. I feel bad as they are all so young and just trying to earn a living.

Poor horses. 4th's excellent in this weather though, even the tennis players fainted.

You don't need to send me anything but yes, that would be a good addy ;-) We're keeping the PO box in case I forget to change an address. I'll give you the new street one once we have the keys.

Ozfemme said...

Happy moving house!! I hope the heat backs off a bit for you!