Monday, January 19, 2009

A thing of Beauty

Here is the brooch CopperWitch gave me, isn't it gorgeous! This is it's first outing out of it's packaging as I am scared of knocking coffee all over it. Now that I've taken that first step I shall carefully place it with my fave jewels and wear it with the 2 jackets I have not yet worn as I had nothing suitable wear with them. Wonder how she knew I needed something? I so wish I could embroider like this...

Now, after my lovely day out yesterday I have been inspired so need to get back to madly flinging paint and gold around :-)

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5 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

" ...flinging paint and gold around ..."

yep. I can 'see' you doing that, you are a star - a gold star.

(did you notice howhandsome that husband of yours looks in the photo of our luncheon on the grass? suave. assured. missed a career in modelling I think.)

antikva said...

Oh thank you Ann :-) You are wonderful too, I am so glad to have met you. Such a pity it was a short visit :-( You're always welcome at our place :-)

Yes, I did ;-) He's such a sweetie too and how he puts up with me I have NO idea! All the girls I used to work with would come over all girlie when he was around and I used to tease him about giving the girls "vapours" ROFL

Jayne said...

That is a beautiful brooch,what a lovely present :)

JahTeh said...

Don't worry Jayne, when we catch up with you for coffee I'm sure there's one with your name on it.
We're just down the road remember.

Antikva, the exibition catalogue was worth every cent, we are still poring over it and we're deciding whether to come and see the frocks again. I echo Annie O's comments about the man in your life. I can see the point in cloning.

antikva said...

Jayne, it's even more prettier in real life, I am a lousy photographer!

JT, I'm glad it was worth it :-)I bought the postcards to frame and hang in the new house. Somewhere.

If you come back up let me know and I'll reserve the cafe table LOL