Monday, January 26, 2009

Knitting in summer...

Have had a crappy week, hopefully will pick up. OH is looking for a job again. I'm waiting to open my shop online as they are changing the site so as soon as I have a url, you will all know. So as I don't have worry beads, I made this, my very first beanie and scarf! I found this gorgeous soft and light pink wool, perfect for my friends granddaughter. And as an added bonus, they fit! LOL

In the picture you can see my desk disaster and my model's head is sitting on an image I've just started LOL

and then I made my own knitting looms as I couldn't find smaller one's. Yes, I know it's wonky in this pic, I did fix it!

And now I've started making myself a shawl for winter and cut out some more kreepikats.

I hope all my friends here cope with the heatwave okay, I will go sit in the freezer if I have to!

7 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

Holy MarthaStewart Tikwoman!

You could make a fortune writing a TIME MANAGEMENT Manual.

knitting is very therapeutic.

antikva said...

I don't know about that Ann, I'm not sure I'd have the time ;-)

Yes, thank gawd! I definitely needed the therapeutic the last few daze.

Hope you don't melt in the heat this week :-( I'm so glad we went last weekend, could you imagine being in there this week over 40C? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to sit in the dairy aisle at Safeway for 4 days.

You have quite some talent there.

Jen xo said...

ugh, i dont how you can think about making winter stuff in this heat!!!
however, you pink hat and scarf looks gorgeous.
I miss Brendas [now in castlemaine] she used to get great wools in.
Keep cool and hydrated [good excuse for a few bitters,lime and lemons!] jenxo

antikva said...

LOL @ Dogbait! I saw what you need whilst training the newbie, a cooler vest that you wear under your shirt. I thought for added aussie flavour you could get one of those hats with a fan and a drink bottle!

Seriously tho matey, the vest thing looked good except you're only back there for a few more days.

Jenxo, LOL I know! Truth be told I tend to tilt at windmills *g*

Was Brenda in KFlat? I went nuts trying to find her when we moved here and I was scoping out local suppliers. The scrapbooking shop here near KFC is closing down as well :-( Altho, St Vinnies moved over the road and now have heaps of space.

Ozfemme said...

Whilst enduring heat stroke caused by opening my eyes this morning, I decided it would be a good idea to pull eveything out of the linen press. (That's what we were taught to call in back in the prehistoric 60s). Not clean it up, just pull everything out of it. I found a bag of assorted wool. Apparently I tried knitting once. Twice. Maybe. Will send it over as soon as I can scrape my molten self up off the floor.

antikva said...

LOL, I got such a visual reading your comment Ozfemme! I also have a package to mail to you but I have held off getting your addy in case something in it melts on the way. No, not vodka chocolates, don't get your hopes up LOL