Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fabulous Fashionista's & Fella's I got to meet...

What a great way to spend a Sunday. Meeting Fabulous Fashionista's and Fella's and also viewing Fantastic Frocks!

If you are ever invited to a blog meet with the wonderful bloggers of Melbourne, I highly recommend you go,go,go as fast as you can.

I do admit to being terrified about meeting in real life people whose lives I follow by written word and emoticons. They are all warm, funny and wonderful people who I am glad to have met and hope I am invited to the next blog meet. It was as exciting as meeting royalty so I am sure I blathered and bounced like a puppy.

The frocks, shoes and hats were marvelous to look at and one of us who shall remain nameless even flashed the Queen's dress. I was carefully studying the beading of the dress at the time however I did have enough cash to bail her out if required :-) I had a wonderfully knowledgeable tour guide in the form of Copperwitch which made it an interesting and entertaining trip around the gallery.

Copperwitch gave me the most beautiful embroidered brooch on a cushion. Very detailed, delicate and gorgeous, it reminds me a of a cameo but with flower embroidery rather than a face. Lovely :-)

I should also mention that if you plan on visiting the Fashion exhibition here to please book the cafe ahead of time as it's not run the way the majority of cafe's are. More a reserve a bloody seat 6 months in advance if you want coffee type of place. I've never had to reserve a table just to get a coffee before. Very odd. If not for the frocks, I would have suggested we all nick off to Beechworth Bakery. There are also no picnic tables or benches, so bring a blanket [ I forgot ours *sigh*] but it was quite nice chasing the patch of shade around under the tree.

I'm off to go out for dinner with Feminoz and her kids with all of ours. We're showing her the fine dining area here, which is to say, they have airconditioning set to snow *g*

Thanks to all of you, I loved meeting everyone and had a great time.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

Dear Tikky - it was fabulous meeting you and your gorgeous husband and family - thank you for making it a good time.
(and you are right saying that gallery cafe needs some adjustment)

antikva said...

:-) Ann, thanks for making it happen.

Definitely about the cafe! It seems it harbours illusions of being a mini upmarket restaurant!