Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pa, get off the dang roof!

I just had the weirdest dream, so much for Nanny naps LOL

Hubby climbed up on the roof to try and fix the loose tile [heat/drought/winds/whatever] that caused the rain last month to come streaming in through the chandelier and also sheeting down the window like we'd installed water features. LOL, then I had to slash the smaller screen in our bedroom so he coud slither back through head first when he realisd he couldn't get to it from where he'd climbed up. I resisted the temptation to remove the soft chair *g* Anyway, that didn't work.

So yesterday, I heeded the dire warnings of BOM tellimg me we were about to be flash flooded, hailstoned and drenched so I enlisted 4/6's BF and success! the offending tile was put back in it's place. We got 2 raindrops.

It's so hot today the AC is just an expensive fan. I'm off to join the cats on the dining room tiles. Much cooler.

Feelin' - hot and tired
Listenin' - The Black Parade : My Chemical Romance

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