Sunday, June 10, 2007

high apple pie in the sky hopes

I had high hopes for this year. Then little things started to go downhill, stuff you get pissed off about but move along. Sometimes though, I get awfully tired of dealing and being the strong calm one during this sort of thing...

Today though our 2nd eldest daughter was out and about with her BF. They went to St Kilda for the day by train, leaving his car at the station. At 3.50 pm we got a phone call from him, she'd fainted and could we drive in and pick them up. Ok. So off we go, finally find them and no, she hadn't fainted at all. She looked horrible and I said to husband, this is not good. She tried to walk towards us and nearly fell over, then threw up. [ Good girl, she threw up all over her Dad. heh. see, I have trained them well! ]

Luckily for her, an off duty neuro nurse had been there and stayed with them until we got there as it turns out she had a tonic-clonic seizure [ Grand Mal seizure ] and she told me what had actually happened, which was a bit scary. D2 was freezing literally, so we tossed them in the car with the heater and jackets on. We spent 8 hours at Emergency as they kept her there to observe her and make sure she was ok. When she'd started to seize, she fell and hit the shelves in the shop so has some cuts and bruises on her face & neck. She's ok now but still a bit off with a headache and feeling slightly sick still.

I told her shelf surfing is not an olympic sport but could become an official extreme sport if she kept it up, just think of the numerous endorsements she could get deals for! Yes, I know, I react calmly and efficiently to drama while it's occuring but once I know everything is under control I revert to my natural smartass tendency, so that I don't become a hysterical quivering mess. Which you know, child in pain/hurt/sick tends to set off rage and all sorts of reactions in Mothers. As you will note below with the followig extra added info I found out once we got there..

I won't even mention the fact that someone wouldn't let anyone there call an ambulance as neither of the 2 totally fully grown adults don't freaking have ambo cover, and ya know, it would cost too much money to call one. They'll have it on Tuesday or they won't ever need any kind of coverage again, because I will kill them! So, in the interim we've told both of them that if it happens again in the meantime, just call it and we'll pay. I couldn't believe it. In Qld ambulance cover is paid by everyone via compulsory subscriptions in Electricity bills. I'm not quite sure WHY they don't have cover but Mummy nagging will fix that pdq.

She's got to have some more tests and an MRI which they'll probably have to knock her out for. I have no doubt that she can also stop an MRI machine dead in it's tracks. Then they can organise a treatment plan, I'm hoping they are wrong and this is a one off, but if it's not, we'll deal.

On a brighter note, I had a pretty good birthday on Friday but wasn't one of the lucky 10 finalists to try to win a plasma tv in a competition I got down to 50 people only. Bummer. We didn't go out for dinner though as we were supposed to do that tonight. I still had dinner out tonight though. Maccas that hubby went and got for me and I ate in the Emergency Dept.That counts, right? LOL I did get an Ipod, a watch and 2 books and 2 bunches of flowers and lots of hugs and kisses from grandkidlets.

Anyway, I am done for now. I'm sure I'll be able to get to sleep now. As the Aussie govt graciously gives me a long weekend holiday for my birthday I am off to enjoy it! Avagoodweekend mateys!

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