Wednesday, October 31, 2012

back again!

Well, this year has been eventful so far. Very. Not entertaining though sadly, but made us busy bees running up and down freeways & highways of Victoria. Ahh well, the joys of family. Everybody is now on the way to recovery, recovered and oh, yes, D2 is about to have her D1 on New Years Eve. My parents are visiting in Jan/Feb and our house looks like it's been sold, so not sure yet when we have to move by, but they may have to sleep in their car. heh. ( I kid, I kid!)

Workwise, I have had to take breaks, due to illness, surgery, not being home much & limited in what I can lug around with me but I've had enough time in the last week to start work on a new project. It's taking a bit longer than I originally thought to get the basework done! Hopefully it turns out how I see it in my head.

Youngest is doing very well at school, especially in Art [ heh!] Youngest Daughter graduated & now lives with D2 in Melbourne. Very odd only having one kidlet at home & he's nearly 18, so I feel a bit empty nested now as he informs me he is completely independent now that he can microwave 2 min noodles :D

They found what was causing the weird ankle swelling, it's from my PSA flaring and affecting my achilles tendons, that's what the leg cramps were from at Superbikes, not dehydration. Physio hates me! not really.

Ok, well, now that I've rambled, I'll be off to get some sleep. It's very hard to get back into the swing of blogging but hopefully I'll be around a lot more now I've posted.

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