Friday, August 17, 2007

I got shaped...

by my ISP. I exceeded my bandwidth, I forgot how slow dial up used to be too. Blimey, it was like I was using tin cans on the roof to get a signal. And, even with a super deluxe model alfoil hat and a couple of coathangers I couldn't make it go faster!

I have to say though, the tech guy was great and upgraded my plan with an extra couple of GB for the same price. *g*

I took the extra time while waiting for pages to load cleaning out my favourites and My Doc folders. All neat and tidy again. By tomorrow they'll be all over the place like a dogs dinner again. I don't know why as I'm pretty organised in RL.  Oh and I played Solitaire.

I'm still sick in bed. I have pulled muscles from coughing. So, a slow connection was better than nothing.

I thought about sorting out my iTunes as well, but well, it's like housework and I don't like doing that either.

That's why I had so many kids.

Bella, be careful what you wish for! ROFLMAO. I just might give a run as Rockstar Granny on You Tube. heh. Then again, someone would probably sue me for damaging their hearing!

I tried your home remedy tonight too :-)

Well, I must be off to bed, I gave birth to the eldest 25 years ago and I'm tired.



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2 Even Wiser people reply:

Dogbait said...

Imagine if we had broadband like the rest of the world!

100Mbps! zoom, zoom!

antikva said...

I know, Wouldn't that be great!


Hey Congarats on your pending life of leisure too *g*